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How long have you been here?

This last week, I celebrated a milestone. (And by celebrated, I mean I noticed it in my Facebook memories, shared it with friends, and then moved on.) That milestone was 10 years living in the Nashville area.

That also means, this blog is quickly nearing 10 years, and, of course, my wedding Anniversary approaches.

There have been a lot of changes here in Nashville over the last 10 years. I recently was talking with someone and when I told them I’d lived here 10 years, they looked at me with shock.  I’m officially someone who catches themselves saying, “Oh you weren’t here when that happened? Well let me tell you about it…”

I’ve moved three times in the last 10 years (not counting the move from Texas.) There are areas I still could drive in my sleep. There are areas I hardly recognize. When I moved here, Nashville was, “A big city with a small town feel.” Today, its just a big city. Becoming the “It City” changed more than just the skyline.

Nonetheless, I’ve built a solid group of friends, all of which are people I know in my heart I could call if I needed them and they would be there. These are friendships that will always be there, even if we all were to move away. Through social media, texts, etc. we will keep up with one another. And that is something that is so precious to me, I couldn’t thank this city enough for it.

I have no idea what the next 10 years will bring. Will I still live here? Will I become so jaded I leave? Who knows… But I do know I look forward to finding out.

Summer coming to a close…

I’m slowly starting to accept that summer is coming to an end. Slowly. Football is back, and I have my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season.

But acceptance is coming very slowly. I’m not letting summer go without a fight.

My husband finally had more than a day and a half at home this week, and for us “Saturday and Sunday” comes somewhere between Monday and Thursday. As such, we get to go have fun when the crowds are far less. On Tuesday, we took the motorcycle out to Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls

This was an ambitious trip for us, as we’ve hardly ridden the motorcycle all year. We were not prepared for the almost 3 hour drive one way, and 3 hours back! But every ache and pain the next day was worth it for the experience. The day riding, letting the week, month, year, whatever, just float away with the scenery and our thoughts. The park is stunning, and I can’t wait to go back and explore it much more in depth. Our timing was excellent, as there were zero crowds and we went good chunks of time not seeing another soul. It was so refreshing!

Fall Creek Falls

We got home late in the evening, feeling tired but also much more peaceful than before.

The next night, we went to a concert. We rarely go to concerts because, well, its too much like work for my husband! LOL! But Pat Green was in town, and a dear friend invited us to go. And. YES! It’s Pat Green! We were still sore and tired from the previous day’s ride, but I can definitely say I am SO VERY HAPPY we went.


See, I remember Pat Green on WACO 100 before he was PAT GREEN. I remember giggling to myself as friends out of state “discovered” Pat long after he was already on heavy rotation in my life’s playlist. I can honestly say he was the first “Texas Music” artist I followed. As such, at the concert, song after song after song brought back memories for me. And for a moment I was a young girl in Central Texas again. For a moment, I didn’t care about all the stuff that weighed on my mind regularly — bills, the changing face of Nashville, etc. None of it mattered. All that mattered was that moment, enjoying a concert with friends.


I know Texas artists aren’t a fan of playing in Nashville. And I understand that. But, for us Texans living here… their concerts are a welcome event that means more than they could ever know.

It was a good kick off into football season for me. I’m back into the “bar scene” and Saturdays can mean work days for me — as it did today. As such I missed the game and the chance to mingle with fellow Aggies. But, such is life. And I still had my Aggie gear on, and I was checking the score when I could. I’m still not AS into the season as I would normally be, but I’m more into it than I was even just a week ago.

Hello, September. I didn’t let August go quietly, but as such I also delve into September full blast. Let’s do this… let’s make every day amazing, and embrace the adventures that lie ahead. Fall adventures really do tend to be the best adventures all year!

Fall Creek Falls