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Let’s just talk for a minute…

I missed a second Photo Share Sunday and my first Make it Happen Monday. I think I had a good excuse: being under the weather. Sucks to wake up on Sunday to a swollen face in such a way I couldn’t tell if it was a bad tooth or a sinus infection. Either way, I needed antibiotics immediately. Thanks to the people at Care Spot – Hermitage I got antibiotics and two shots.

You might ask how I couldn’t tell what it was… well its because I’m in the process of lots of dental work already and none of my teeth had been hurting, but I’ve swollen up like that before from massive sinus infection in the past. And, really, even dentists and doctors have a hard time telling the difference sometimes since the maxillary sinus and the back molar roots are right up against each other. I was fully aware that either way, being where it was located was NOTHING to “wait out.” Too many dangers of it spreading, and the sinuses and teeth are too damn close to the brain to take any chances.

I’ve laid around a lot the last 36 hours…

I am elated to report that the antibiotics are finally taking control and I am feeling human again. And I can mostly smile normal. (When half your face it swollen, your smile ends up being pretty lopsided.) I’ll take it and all the antibiotics I got. I want this gone for good!

But, its funny how getting sick makes you act the way you should all the time. I’m drinking water like its the best thing on Earth (because it IS), brushing my teeth after everything I eat, and when I DO eat its nothing sugary or too salty, etc. In other words, I’m eating right. Maybe if I stick with this regimen the entire time I am on antibiotics (two weeks!) it’ll once again become habit. That would be a REALLY good thing.

I’ve not done much photo sharing lately, as I have my Lightroom tied up with wedding photos. I had hoped to have them done already (I’m an over achiever, but I like to get them out within a week)… but it looks like it might take a lil longer than that. Hey, nothing gets me motivated to get the job done as not being able to edit my every-day photos!

Anyway, that’s a general update on me, since I  missed the last two days! I have a lot of projects in the works right now, but its all exciting and good stuff. Can’t wait to share as I get done!


159: New nail colorI have a very self-serving dream. I dream of having amazing nails.

Silly, perhaps? But I want that. SO bad. I want pretty nails. Not chipped up, split, sad things that I normally have.

My hair has always been my appearance obsession. It still is, but not to the degree it used to be. I’m really happy with the short cut I keep today, so I don’t find myself focusing on it as much as I once did. Now my focus is my nails.

Oh I’m all about pedicures and cute toe nails. Its one thing I maintain just fine, you just never see them. Boots and tennis shoes don’t exactly show off the cute polish I always have on my toes. So suddenly my focus is on my finger nails. Blame Pinterest, perhaps. I don’t know.

I’ve never been one to go get professional manicures, and I’ve only had tips put on once for my senior prom. I wear contacts and for some reason long nails hinder my taking my contacts out. Its a personal issue, I know, and a really dumb thing given how many women have long nails and wear contacts. But suffice to say, I’m never going to have super long nails.

But I want my short nails to look good nonetheless! I used to hate painting my nails. I felt colored fingernails were distracting and didn’t look right on me. (Even as I’d admire it on other women.) Somewhere in the last year, that’s changed. I want color on my nails. I want to show them off.

However, bartending just makes it pointless. I paint my nails. I go to work. I come home with chipped nails, split nails, and atleast once a month I have a finger wrapped in a band-aid because I cut myself one way or another.

I’m pitiful! Oh and don’t tell me to try these “chip-free” or “long-lasting” polishes. I’ve tried them all.  (Now, I’ve not done the gel polish thing, because I’m afraid spending the money and still not last.) None of them have stood the test of slinging beer and mixing drinks at a fast pace.

So for now… I accept that on my days off I’ll keep nice-as-I-can nails, and then on work days accept it won’t last. Some day I’ll have cute nails. Someday.

Mirror in front of your face

DecorativeEver notice its easy to give people advice, but its difficult to give yourself that advice? To me, that’s the fundamental basis of gossip… we’re always judge, jury and therapist for everyone else, to their face or behind their back.

But even when our own lives are a little off kilter — be it a big issue or a tiny one — it can be really hard to see it, much less know how to fix it! And while everyone else is judging what we should do, we just keep going the way we’re going… unable to give ourselves the same advice we’d be happy to give someone else.

Sometimes, though, life has a way of putting a mirror in front of your face. As you listen to someone vent about an issue they are dealing with, you start to hear your own voice instead. Their rant becomes the one you’ve heard in your own head, but just ignored… shushed, unwilling to give it any sort of power. Suddenly, as you feel compelled to give the other person advice, you realize that maybe, just maybe, you should be listening yourself.

Life has a funny way of putting a mirror in front of your face at just the right time. The challenge, though, is to look into that mirror, to REALLY look in it, and do what you need to do to fix what you see.