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Five on Friday :: Feb. 13, 2015


Oh hey, hey, its Friday the 13th!  Let the fun begin…

1. I made these this week for Valentine’s day:

redvelvetcookiesThey were amazing. Oreo Red Velvet Cookies, dipped in vanilla goodness, with red and pink lip candies. Oh my gosh, so good.

2. I made these for National Pizza Day:

pizzas'I used Portobello Mushroom caps instead of dough. Scrape out the gills and snap off whats left of the stem. Then just used pizza sauce and layered in yummies — this time just pepperoni, olives and mozzarella cheese — and baked at 375* for 15 minutes.

3. I discovered Vivian Maier yesterday… this woman’s amazing photography reminded me what I love about photography. I’ve gotten sucked into focusing on making money doing it. I’ve forgotten what its like to just go take pictures in normal every day life.  I miss it. I need to get back to that.

4. I’m flying back to Nashville tomorrow for Valentine’s Day. It’ll be the first one I’ve spent with my husband in a few years! But I’ve jam packed into the time I am home a LOT of stuff. A big thing is making sure this benefit goes off without a hitch:

Drenon Benefit

I can’t wait for this night of love and support for dear friends.

5. Last Sunday, I got together with two women who mean more to me than I could ever tell them. PicMonkey Collage


Have a great week, everyone!

Five on Friday :: Feb. 6, 2015


It’s been a long time since I did Five on Friday, because I felt a self-imposed pressure to always have a theme. But for 2015, any Five on Friday will be free-form with no promise of it having any sort of theme or point outside of whatever is on my brain on that given day. So without further adieu…

1. I became reacquainted with a love of mine this week. The power of the blogging world. My focus on blogging has diminished over the last few years. I guess you could say “life happened.” Life is still happening, but I feel like I need to make more time in said life for the blog world. It’s served me well over time, introducing me to amazing people that I admire and learn from almost daily. The #WomensLives initiative has made me many, many new people to get to know. And I CAN’T WAIT to do so. We can learn from each other — and I’m embracing this opportunity to expand my world, and I hope maybe I can teach others as well.

2. My brain is almost always on some level thinking about our opening a bar. I’m overwhelmed by all the questions that must be answered before I can even call a bar my own. I learn (again) something new every day about this endeavor. Sometimes I don’t like the answers to the questions we have, but I am ALWAYS better off knowing the answers and dealing with them than I was not knowing. It’s going slower than I hoped it would… and yet in other areas its going faster than I was braced to go. But here we go kids… we’re doing this!

3. I feel like I owe a lot of friends apologies for being preoccupied with my own life lately. I strive to be a good friend and truly want to know whats going on in my friends’ lives. They are all so important to me, and I want to be there for all of them. And lately… lately  I’ve not done so well with that. And for that I do apologize and will try my best to do better.

4. Just yesterday, I decided on one word I would use to describe myself at this time: Versatile.

5. I gave myself a silent goal this month to make February fitness fabulous. So far, I’m doing pretty good, I think! What spurred this? Oh, just putting the 7 pounds I lost in September back on since the bar closed. I knew it was going to happen, but I still reached for pecan pie for breakfast, and figured one more beer in the evening was okay. But February 1st hit, and I just went, “Okay, time to fix this.” I’m consciously trying to keep my step count up (for me!) using my Fitbit, and I am back to tracking my food. Here’s to being fabulously me just for me!

Let’s just talk for a minute…

I missed a second Photo Share Sunday and my first Make it Happen Monday. I think I had a good excuse: being under the weather. Sucks to wake up on Sunday to a swollen face in such a way I couldn’t tell if it was a bad tooth or a sinus infection. Either way, I needed antibiotics immediately. Thanks to the people at Care Spot – Hermitage I got antibiotics and two shots.

You might ask how I couldn’t tell what it was… well its because I’m in the process of lots of dental work already and none of my teeth had been hurting, but I’ve swollen up like that before from massive sinus infection in the past. And, really, even dentists and doctors have a hard time telling the difference sometimes since the maxillary sinus and the back molar roots are right up against each other. I was fully aware that either way, being where it was located was NOTHING to “wait out.” Too many dangers of it spreading, and the sinuses and teeth are too damn close to the brain to take any chances.

I’ve laid around a lot the last 36 hours…

I am elated to report that the antibiotics are finally taking control and I am feeling human again. And I can mostly smile normal. (When half your face it swollen, your smile ends up being pretty lopsided.) I’ll take it and all the antibiotics I got. I want this gone for good!

But, its funny how getting sick makes you act the way you should all the time. I’m drinking water like its the best thing on Earth (because it IS), brushing my teeth after everything I eat, and when I DO eat its nothing sugary or too salty, etc. In other words, I’m eating right. Maybe if I stick with this regimen the entire time I am on antibiotics (two weeks!) it’ll once again become habit. That would be a REALLY good thing.

I’ve not done much photo sharing lately, as I have my Lightroom tied up with wedding photos. I had hoped to have them done already (I’m an over achiever, but I like to get them out within a week)… but it looks like it might take a lil longer than that. Hey, nothing gets me motivated to get the job done as not being able to edit my every-day photos!

Anyway, that’s a general update on me, since I  missed the last two days! I have a lot of projects in the works right now, but its all exciting and good stuff. Can’t wait to share as I get done!