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Remembering a happy surprise

When I saw what this month’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) theme is, I knew I had to participate.


Dec 2: Talk about a surprise that made you happy.

I’m going to reach way back for this one. All the way back to 7th grade.

It was my birthday, and I don’t recall what was planned for it with my parents. But I do clearly remember it was a school day, and I got called to the office.

The school secretary told me my parents had called and were on their way with some questions. I was so confused and admittedly worried. I remember quizzing her periodically as to what it could be about. I just could not figure out what on earth my parents could need.

After what felt like an hour (but what was actually probably less than 10 minutes), one of my classmates came and told me that they needed me back in class. I recall arguing with her a little that I couldn’t go, my parents were on the way! The school secretary told me to go ahead, she would come get me when they got there. Don’t worry.

I walked into the classroom to, “SURPRISE!!!!!!”

The room had been decorated and there was a cake and presents for my birthday. To this day I am still stunned by this… it still touches my heart deeply. That happened 21 years ago. (I would have been turning 13, I believe.) I don’t recall how I reacted now. I don’t recall what kind of cake it was or what kind of gifts I received. I don’t recall those little details…

But I do recall the joy and love I felt that day. I’ll remember it forever.

001: Happy Birthday

Magical moments


I really do love Nashville. And that love is precisely why I’ve shaken my fist at the changes coming to the city at such a fast pace. It’s a magical city, and it has been for years. It’s a city of dreamers. It’s a city where dreams come true. (It’s a city where dreams get squashed, too, I know.)

The magic of the city is not the lights. It’s not the neon. It’s not big skyscrapers. It’s not a prime-time drama. The magic is in its heart. The magic is in the moments that can occur on any given night, in any given location. The magic is in its history and those moments that have previously occurred and that make up the groundwork of the city.

The last week has been one big series of magical moments for me. Moments that have kept me from blogging lately! Many of the moments I’ll have to touch on at a later time, as they are tied to the closing of the bar.

My birthday was last week. I’m not a person who makes a huge deal out of their birthday. I had amazing birthdays growing up, and I have many cherished birthday memories.

This year, a concert just happened to land on my birthday. I bought tickets for me and my husband, and I told some friends about the show. Before I knew it, a group of almost 30 friends were all coming along! My husband said, “Look at all these people here for your birthday.” I responded, “Pffft. Whatever. They’re here for the show. It just happened to land on my birthday.”

Steve Wariner at Acme Feed & Seed

It was amazing, though. The music was… just… you can keep your lights, video boards, lasers and pyrotechnics. Give me a fantastic songwriters, with a smooth voice and who is certified as one of the very best guitar players. Its about the song and the music. It’s a magical moment.

And let’s face it, to be with so many dear friends on my birthday? Even if they WERE there for the concert, it felt good to see every single one of them.

Then, to get to say hello to the artist and get a, “Happy Birthday!” from them? This. This is what I mean by the magical moments that happen in Nashville.


When my birthday came to an end, I didn’t feel a year older. I felt very, very lucky and thankful. It was a magical night… hopefully leading into an equally magical year ahead.