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#TBT to 5 years ago this weekend when Nashville flooded.

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Last night, I read (and shared on social media) my blog post from May 2010 and the Nashville flood. It was interesting to read my memories from those days of rain, flooding and recovery. Over time, details fade from the memory and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of those details.

A friend shared her thoughts about the flood and how her life has changed since then, and it really made me think.

Five years ago, my husband and I lived in LaVergne, TN. I can definitely say that in the last five years, my memories of that house went from being mostly negative to now remembering all the good times we had.

If you’d told me in May 2010 I’d move from that house in seven months, I’d have not believed it. I’d certainly have not believed I’d make huge financial decisions at the same time. I’m not sure I’d have even believed I’d start bartending regularly, make big strides in photography, and ultimately buy a house in Gallatin. Heck, I’d have probably laughed at you.

Where I am today versus where I was during the flood are night and day different. Sometimes it’s hard to believe five years have passed since the flood. Other times, it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been longer.

Nashville… Nashville has changed a lot. I think the flood gave the city something of a rebirth. Many buildings that needed to be remodeled got the much-needed upgrades. Efforts to avoid future floods have been made. And all of us who lived through the flood continue to have something of a bond. Nashville definitely can be said to have a “Before Flood” era and “After Recovery” era.

I think the recovery possibly paved the way for the fast paced building going on here. The way the city bonded together turned heads, and perhaps that helped turn us into an “It City.” We’re facing a different kind of flood these days: a flood of newcomers and condos.

Yes, five years later, Nashville looks a lot different. All of us do. I’m curious what we’ll see in another five years. I suppose we have to just stay tuned…

Five on Friday: May 1, 2015

Lets close out a week of photo sharing, and, in the same breath, open up May’s NaBloPoMo prompt of “Photos,” with five photos I haven’t shared here yet.



Nashville Skyline Sunset
My husband and I went down to the riverfront earlier this week so I could grab a new skyline photo. We were blessed with one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve actually ordered a print of this image for myself, because it just keeps taking my breath away.


Scotty Alexander & Shane Sutton
I have very talented friends. Wednesday, my husband was supposed to play a gig with uber-talented friend, Scotty Alexander. However, my husband had to cancel to go drive tour bus instead. So, Scotty called fellow-uber-talented musician and friend Shane Sutton. I went down to see them play and was rightfully blown away.


Meet Mama Mockingbird. I got to meet her when I stumbled upon her nest full of hungry babies while trimming bushes. Needless to say that bush will just stay… well… bushy…. until they all grow up and move out.


Every year, I treat myself to a new hanging basket of flowers. Sometimes I treat myself to multiple new hanging baskets. My new addition for 2015 is this gorgeous red impatien. Nice pop of color to the front of my house!


Today’s NaBloPoMo opening topic is “Do you like taking selfies? Why or why not? Photo: You” The easy answer? Yes, yes I do like taking selfies. It’s fun and gives me a nice little self-confidence boost. I also enjoy entering a monthly contest over at G+ in which you submit an artistic self portrait on a given topic. April’s topic was “Wet.” The above photo was going to be my entry… until I realized I’d subconsciously ripped off another entry already in the contest. (I’d looked at other entries for inspiration.) So, I pulled the entry but kept the photo.


NaBloPoMo May 2015



Snapshots of my hometown, Part 2

As promised a few weeks ago, more photos from around my hometown. See part one, HERE.

CH Yoe High School
CH Yoe High School
CH Yoe High School
CH Yoe High School — Old Main. This is where I had most of MY classes as a student at Yoe High
CH Yoe High School
CH Yoe High School — New Main Yoe. I’ve only been in this building once and its kinda amazing.
CH Yoe High School
Where dreams are made under the Friday Night Lights
CH Yoe High School
Yeah, we have a pretty good football program.
Rainbow over the Milam County Museum
Milam County Museum
Milam County Museum
Milam County Museum
Milam County Museum

Milam County Museum

Rainbows and railroads
Cameron, TX
Cameron, TX
Cameron Country Club
Cameron Country Club

For more photos, visit my Flickr account.   ::    Search Cameron for more of my hometown specifically.

Note: If you should happen to be interested in a copy of any of these images as a canvas print, mousepad, framed photo, etc. Please just let me know! I also take requests of images you might wish to see/have. I’d be happy to see if we can work something out!

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