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Days at home

January 11th, 2014 No comments

I happen to be someone who loves staying at home. Despite being far more extroverted than I used to be, I’m still deep down a homebody. That being said, I absolutely LOVED spending most of the last week and a half at home.

Earlier this week, we had a major cold snap thanks to that polar vortex thing they talked about on the news. I mean, when we took our 7th wedding anniversary photo, the windchill was -5°!


(Yeah, we should have been bundled up… but we were taking a picture, so we ran out for about 1 minute tops to take that shot.)

During the cold snap, we literally didn’t leave our house for three days straight. We stepped outside for a little while, but we didn’t go anywhere. And I loved it.

I tried to be somewhat productive. But mostly I just enjoyed hiding away and resting up from the past year’s go-go-go-go-go. But as we draw to an end of this stay-at-home time, I feel my want to be productive coming back. Yesterday, I got so much done, it made me go, “Man, if I’d been this motivated all week, this house would be perfectly organized and I’d be ready to file my tax return!”

But maybe part of feeling so productive was taking time to rest my  mind and body for awhile. Yesterday, I participated in the Friday Five questions about sleep. The negative effects of sleep deprivation are well documented, but we still push ourselves to our limits. So, taking a few days to do a little less and give myself some TLC? I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Lord knows I’ll be crying out for it to be a possibility again soon.

Wrapping up the week

April 26th, 2013 2 comments

It’s been a full week, and I haven’t had much chance to blog. So just a few thoughts for the week:

1. Had a lovely time with my parents earlier this week. Always sad to see them leave… But we all have things to do so we can get together again soon! Photos from our trip to Arrington Vineyards will be in Photo Share this weekend. But here is one that everyone loved that I posted on Instagram.

2. The other day, I took my husband to the doctor…. for allergy/sinus issues. That’s MY department, not his!! He got diagnosed with bronchitis… I was worried about pneumonia, to be honest. But luckily it hadn’t gotten that bad yet. So here’s to him feeling better soon!

3. I was a homemaker on speed yesterday! LOL! I did all the laundry, cleaned house, made a big supper, etc. I was worn out when bed time came!! But it was nice to start settling back into my own house after being gone so long. Still a lot to do, but I made a huge dent in the work to be done.

4. So I saw on the news yesterday, that parents are spending on average $1139 on their kids proms this year. $1139!??! What? I did a very generous estimate for when I went to prom, and including gas to and from it cost MAYBE — MAYBE — $200 for me. Granted that was almost 15 years ago, but still. That’s ridiculous! What did you spend on prom? If you have teenagers, what’s it costing you?

5. Rest in Peace, George Jones.

09.13.2011 -- George Jones 80th Birthday Party at the Grand Ole Opry

09.13.2011 — George Jones 80th Birthday Party at the Grand Ole Opry

Domestically, Me

December 10th, 2012 1 comment

Something amazing happened in the last few days.

We went to the grocery store, and I got all the laundry done.

This should NOT be shocking, but it is. I’ve been running so much lately that I’ve both just not had time to get the stuff done, and I’ve just not had the interest.

Groceries… well. I usually enjoy grocery shopping, but fighting people at the store just left me going, “I don’t wanna!” So we ended up eating out a lot. And I started to get creative with breakfast when we were out of bread, milk and eggs. (Did you know you can make a pretty yummy apple crunch thing with Cheerios, butter, cinnamon and chopped apple? Yup. You can. I know. I made it for breakfast one day out of desperation. Take THAT Chopped.)

My husband wanted to go to the store. I didn’t. But finally we had a day we could go, and I had run out of excuses to avoid it. So we went. And I am now glad to say that I can make numerous meals right here at home! And that… that makes the grocery store run worth it.

As for laundry… ugh. I don’t hate doing laundry, but my washer and dryer are in the basement. Its good in that it makes me climb those stairs and get some exercise. Its bad because I just don’t do so good with it. I forget there’s a load running when I DO do the laundry. Otherwise, its like… I just… no.

So as a result of my lack of interest and lack of time, I’d get a load washed here or there. Usually when there was some item my husband or I am looking to wear. However, this weekend… the pile of laundry was ridiculously overflowing the hamper, and I was out of clean jeans and had worn the same bra three days in a row. (Yes, I admit it. I did.) We were at a dire level.

Last night, seven loads — SEVEN LOADS — went through the washer and dryer. Clothes were folded or hung up. And they were all actually put away in their proper places. This too is huge, as we have a bad habit of leaving clothes in a basket and picking through it through the week. But not this time. Nooo… this time we conquered the laundry and we won.

We even did all the dishes and put those away, too.

I used to be on top of these tasks, and maybe this is the first step to getting back on top of them all. And maybe… maybe I need to enjoy this brief moment of order in my home life before chaos of Christmas completely takes over.

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Chaos and clutter

October 3rd, 2012 2 comments

My husband likes to say we, “Never fight.” Which, depending on your definition of “fight” is true! But we DO disagree at times.

One of our biggest disagreements is “the office.”  The office is supposed to be my area to do my writing, photo editing, page design, etc. However, his laptop has pretty much become a desktop due to the hinge breaking that holds up the screen. So, I lost my computer space. Plus, we just like to be in the same room, and I find myself working while sitting on the couch in the living room with him.

Nonetheless, I still consider it more “my” office, and, as such, its subject to my personal version of organized chaos. Or as my husband puts it, clutter.

Whatever. Poh-tay-toe, Poh-tah-toe.

Either way, its pretty much a room with stacks of stuff everywhere. That’s been my definition of organization as far back as I can remember. My bedroom would look like a tornado hit it as a kid, but I’ll be darn if 9 times out of 10 I couldn’t put my hand on exactly the item you would ask me to find.

(Ironically, in school and at work in an office, I tend to be super organized. I still remember like it was yesterday, one of my school teachers commenting that my bedroom must be immaculate the way I would organize things for her. If she only knew the disaster area it truly was…)

However, I was forced into cleaning mode today. For one thing, my husband is on the road, and I love having a surprise for him any time he gets home. I set my mind to shock him with a much more organized office. (Its a tiny room, so perfection could only happen if I threw everything out and went spartan.) For another thing, I wanted to figure out somewhere to put my laptop so I could work in the office again myself. I have a couple big projects on the back-burner that I need to focus on… and I focus best at a desk versus on the couch. Finally, I was missing a sheet of Forever stamps… and my remote shutter for my camera is MIA.

We’ll find out if my husband deems my first reason as success (with him liking what I’ve done.) I’m sitting at the desk right now, so that was a success. And I found my stamps. The remote shutter is still missing. At least it only cost me about $8, so if I have to get a new one I can. I’d just rather not have to do that.

I’m going to try REALLY hard not to let this room go to heck again. I am. I can’t make any promises, as my natural disposition is to go into the organized chaos thing. But I’ll try. Because I gotta admit, a neat, clean room just feels so good… so light and fresh and open.

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A good book and a cup of coffee

June 24th, 2011 No comments

I sat staring at my laptop screen. Visiting the usual haunts. Twitter. Facebook. Flickr. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I felt lethargic. The previous day’s lawn work and heat left me aching all over. All I really wanted to do was lay on the couch with a cup of coffee. Beautiful sunshine, however, beckoned me outside. I finally consented, grabbing a book and my coffee. I stepped outside, braced for heat and humidity. Instead, a light breeze ruffled my hair. It was warm, but not too hot. I found myself wanting to do cartwheels in the yard or make chalk drawings on the driveway.

227: A good book and a cup of coffeeInstead, I plopped myself down in my porch swing. I put my feet up, and I proceeded read four chapters of my book, breaking only to refill my coffee mug.

I found myself wondering why I don’t do it more often. I listened to a neighbor mow their lawn. I watched cars go up and down the street. My American flag fluttered in the breeze, making the pole creak gently against the house.

My life won’t always afford me the time and opportunity to take moments to slow down and enjoy the moment I am in… I need to take the opportunities I have now and embrace them. Memorize them. Save them in my soul for when times get crazy and stressful.

The next chance you have to enjoy your world. Take it. Put down the phone. Close the laptop. Just BE. It’s amazing.

It was a total, “Oh shhh…” moment…

June 22nd, 2011 4 comments

This post is cross-posted to Road Widows.

My husband is on his way to a few shows in Canada… something that is always an extra challenge due to cell phone rates going sky-high when there. But apparently, I decided to make it an extra level of stress today.

We got a new kitten this week. Our cats’ liter boxes are on a back porch, with a little cat door for them to go through. Keeps the smell down in the house and it gives them privacy. However, the little kitten had yet to figure out how to use the cat door, so I decided to take on the task of getting him to “get” it today.

I walked out into the porch, closed the door, and started trying to coax the kitten through the door to me. After trying for close to half an hour, I gave up. We’d try again another time. I reached for the door handle and… it wouldn’t budge.

THE DOOR LOCKED BEHIND ME. I wanted to cry. I fought with the door. I tried kicking it in. I tried to pick the lock (which I’ve never done before but seemed to think I could do it this time). Nothing worked. I reached for my cell phone. Only. It wasn’t in my back pocket where I keep it all the time. Then I remembered… I’d left it on the couch. My mind raced for ideas on what to do.

The back door is off that porch, so I could at least get OUT. Just as I got that door open, as if the situation needed a splash of humor, the cat door swung open and the kitten came out onto the porch with me. I guess on the bright side, the kitten figured out the door!

But once I got outside, I had to ask myself, “Now what?” I started trying windows. None would budge. I was starting to realize that breaking into my own house is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. A good thing, of course, but it didn’t help me in that moment! My husband has spare keys to the house and our truck, but he is hundreds of miles away.

I looked around and decided it was time to start knocking on doors. I tried four doors before I found someone home. I asked to use the phone, and they let me! So I called my husband, since his number is the only one I know (and left a voicemail) asking if he’d call our landlords to come let me in the house. I visited with the neighbor — a single mother who is my age! A new friend, perhaps! — and then I said I’d just wait on my front porch until help arrived.

As I left her house, another neighbor drove up and asked if they could help me. I explained my situation, and this couple invited me to visit on their back porch until my landlord got there with a key. I told them all about myself and my husband, and I left their house with their phone numbers should I ever need help again. The wife said, “With you home alone so much, you NEED someone close by that you can call for help!” So true!

At one point, the neighbor asked me, “What did we learn from this?” and I laughed and said, “Never leave my phone on the couch?” but in reality, I learned that I live in a great neighborhood. I am the most cautious person in the world. I don’t like people really knowing when I am home or when I’m not… when I’m alone and when my husband is home. But it felt so good to find good people nearby who were willing to help out a “stranger” and end up with a new friendship.  Maybe I need to know my neighbors and let them help look out for me, especially when I am here alone so much.