I’m still here!

This blog has been down the last couple of days due to technical issues. But its back, and I’m still here!

I’m crazy busy right now between work, helping put together a benefit for this weekend, getting ready to head to Texas for tax season, early Aggie Muster planning, and just keeping up with both mine and my husband’s schedules. So, in that respect, the blog being down was perhaps an odd blessing in disguise. (And the irony of it being down on what I called “SOPA Day” was not lost on me.)

I saw a post on BlogHer that fit this time perfectly, and I thought I’d share it with all of my readers.

The Stages of Blog Failure Emotions by Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity

Read that. Giggle. And know that I was doing several of those for awhile myself.

But all is well! I am back! HUGE thanks to Chalise for working to make sure this came back up for me. Your support and help keeping this blog going on the technical end (not to mention a great cheerleader!) are forever appreciated and never taken for granted.

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