Feeling so loved

My birthday was Saturday. Not that anyone could have missed that, given how many times I mentioned it last week.

I deemed this birthday a top 5 birthday. And y’know, I still think it was… but I’ve had time to think about past birthdays that were also absolutely epic as well.

I remember birthday hay rides and slumber parties growing up.

I remember in 7th grade, classmates threw me a surprise party — evening getting the school secretary involved to distract me. I don’t know if I ever told any of those girls how much that meant to me… how deeply it touched me that they did that.

I remember one in particular in which the maroon icing roses gave us all red mouths and teeth, and we all ended up looking like vampires afterwards.

I remember going to see my friend do a show in Houston while on the Rascal Flatts tour… never knowing that friend would one day be my husband, and that I’d eventually work at the bar that Flatts was discovered in when they were the Tuesday night house band.

I remember my girlfriend flying to Nashville to spend my birthday with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone as my husband was on the road.

I remember my brother having a bad car accident on my birthday, and we spent the day in the surgery waiting room. More importantly, I remember getting to see him just before he went into surgery, and he remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday.

I remember spending last year all by myself

This year? This year was pretty awesome. As I previously posted, my two wishes for the day came true. But beyond that, I had my parents visiting earlier in the week. (The only photo of that is on my Mom’s camera, so I don’t have that shot to share here. Pooh.)  We celebrated mine, my husbands and my Mom’s birthdays at that time. Then, my husband and I went out the night of my birthday and I just got so much love from my work-family that I ended that night with the biggest smile on my face.

I rarely put a whole lot of weight on birthdays. I don’t do a week-long birthday celebration, like many people do. But when one goes extra special… I just want to bask in it for awhile. Like this year. Happy, happy, happy girl here… still, days later.

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  1. I’m so happy you had sure a great birthday. I’ll have to send you the pictures from my camera. Darn it, we should have done that while we were at your house. Love looking at all the pictures you have here. Lots and lots of memories and many more to be made. Love you and I hope you have a great year.

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