I had originally planned to blog today about a Christmas tradition. Instead, I open my blog with a heavy, heavy heart.

Tonight, the families of 20 children and six seven adults are left asking, “Why?” as they go home realizing they’ll never have their loved one to hug and to hold ever again. The family of the gunman are also left asking, “Why?” as he, too, died in today’s shooting without giving a reason for his senseless, heartless act.

Honestly, though, this entire country is left asking, “Why?” These were CHILDREN. Innocent children. These adults were there to teach and care for those children. All of them looking forward to their holiday break. Visits from Santa and family. Gifts have been wrapped and placed under the tree, with excitement mounting every day. And now…

My heart absolutely aches thinking about these families. These innocent victims. These children who’ve had their innocence shattered by the acts of a “man” with an agenda… whatever that agenda might have been.

I am trying to find hope in this… hope being that maybe this will bring us together to support the families left feeling shattered. This country has been so splintered after the election. Splintered over “fiscal cliffs” and “gun control.” Splintered over he said, she said, he did, she did. And I pray — I PRAY — the left and right don’t turn this tragedy into some sort of footnote in a political battle.

We need to come TOGETHER and ask, “Why? Why are we so focused on the symptoms without attacking the disease?” Getting help for those with mental health issues. Bringing better security to our schools. Teaching right from wrong, and the realization there are consequences of our actions. Instead of telling teachers they can’t hug and discipline their students, support those teachers who do care about their students like they are their own children.

Letting God back into our schools (for the love of all things, why are believers the ones constantly being punished!? Freedom OF religion not FROM it!! I want to scream this at the tops of the mountains!)… letting his loving arms wrap around our youth.

This is turning into a rant, and I don’t mean for it to be that. You ask yourself what could have been done to stop this, but that doesn’t really help the healing… healing that will take years… healing that will never be complete… for anyone.


Heaven gained a lot of angels today… may God hold all of them, and their families left behind, close.