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Short and simple

  • I went to a party tonight, held at the house of someone in the music industry. It was REALLY nice to be surrounded by people who didn’t look at me weird when they asked where my husband was, and I responded, “Switzerland!” I mean, surprise, yes. Weird, no.
  • At said party, I met people that I probably should have met a long time ago due to mutual friends in common. I am constantly struck by how incredibly small the music community really is. It’s exactly what makes Nashville feel like a small town.
  • Ok, I can’t begin to say how giddy I am that my husband will be home soon. I absolutely can’t wait!

Off Topic: I love my city

I never say it enough. I love my city.

I grew up a small town girl. 3A high school graduate. Living in the country until college. And even then, I went to college in… what you’d pretty much STILL call a small town in a way. (A small city, perhaps?) Believing myself to be that small town kid for life, I was surprised how the pull of the city tugged at me. I knew for YEARS I’d end up in Nashville eventually. I just figured it would be via Dallas, Texas, first. But, instead I skipped the middle step and went from small town to “big city.”

Here is the craziest thing of it all, though. I have more friends here than I ever did “back home.” Sure, my closest friends — the ones dearest to my heart and that I confide in most — come from years of experiences in our small town(s). But the sheer number of people I know now boggles my mind some times. And I am constantly making new friends and acquaintances.

A step beyond that, I’ve found I love to keep my finger on the pulse of the city. No, I don’t know everything that is happening. But I like to have a general idea of things that are happening. Simply because I love my city!

It’s so funny how… I will always feel Small Town Texas to be my home, but I have this love for Nashville. I think the skyline is beautiful. I love the general vibe it has. This has become home now, and… it makes me happy. It’s where I belong now.