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A leg… up?

Periodically, my husband and I have had troubles with our air conditioning duct work staying in tact. This summer, the heat has really wrought havoc on them. It seems at least once a week, we’ll realize one of our vents is blowing hot air, which means going up into the attic, reattaching the duct to the unit, and then duct taping like crazy. No need to cool the attic!

So last night, my husband decided to look over the duct work before he left out on the road. As he went to the attic, I bit back, “Don’t fall through the ceiling!” I figured it would be both a funny joke, but also a terrible jinx on him. So instead, I started vacuuming the living room.

I heard a bit thud from above, but I figured he was probably just moving the ladder and I paid it no mind. My parents are visiting for the week, and my mom happened to go to the guest bathroom. She called at me and motioned for me to come over. So I turned off the vacuum and went over.

“Look!” she said.

I opened the door, looked up and saw… a leg.

Immediately I went, “Are you okay!?” and started pushing up on the bottom of my husband’s foot which had, yes, come through the ceiling in the bathroom. Insulation all around on the floor, I didn’t know if I should be scared or start to laugh. Upon confirmation that my husband was indeed okay, I couldn’t help but start to laugh at the situation.

My husband’s pride was wounded and, of course, concern over having to have it fixed settled into the equation. But ultimately, it lead us to a lot of laughs — as well as a series of hilarious comments on his Facebook status update for last night. Everything from “Money Pit” references to requests for pictures.

Sadly, no, I don’t have any pictures of our temporary leg light fixture (I was too shocked to think to grab my camera, not to mention worried that my husband was seriously hurt!), and at the moment the hole is covered by a square of cardboard my dad helped us put up. We’ll get the ceiling fixed soon, and it’ll give us an excuse to slap a new coat of paint on the room. Looking on the bright side of things, you know.

However, today’s topic of conversation has consistently come around to the previous night’s adventure in ceiling destruction. Come to find out, a LOT of people have similar stories! So here I am to ask: Anyone else out there have falling-through-the-ceiling stories to share??