Making changes

It’s been a long time since I wrote here. Primarily, that is because things have been just crazy.

My husband changed jobs. However, he spent a period of time working for his former artist as well as his new artist. I keep two schedules for him. One in simple spreadsheet format. The other on a calendar. Despite my double-schedule system, I have had a hard time keeping up with where he was supposed to be when and with which camp! Luckily, by having to focus harder for that period of time, I’m having an easier time keeping his one schedule memorized now.

I love problem solving. I love the challenge of keeping a schedule on track. Yes, it gets frustrating at times. However, I thrive under pressure. I guess that’s part of why I went into journalism for my degree. Those deadlines actually thrill me even as they can be stressful. So, in a similar respect, keeping up with the crazy schedule we keep is actually fun to me.

We are entering peak travel season, though, and airline stress multiplies when talking about big groups. Especially big groups with gear and a time schedule.

My husband has had his share of crazy travel stories in the last month. I know he’s sick of flying by now, but I also know he’ll have plenty more flights coming at him soon. What is worrisome is news reports like the one I saw just the other day. Over-booked flights. Unable to get a later flight when a flight is canceled or you’re bumped from one. It all just gets to be added stresses for everyone involved.

Peak travel season is also peak tour season for musicians. I’m spending more and more time home alone, but I’m also getting out more with friends. I also have friends coming from back home to visit me soon. I’m looking forward to that!

It also means, though, that time when my husband is home is more precious. Be it a few days, or only a few hours. I’ll take what I can get.