Back in the swing of things

Since my last post, there have been many changes in our life!

October brought us moving into our first house. November brought both of our birthdays. December brought the holidays. And January… well January meant half the month off the road for my husband, and our having to buckle down and try to cut costs anywhere and everywhere we can.

We got married last January due to the fact that I knew it was the only time of the year, I was 99% guaranteed that my husband would be off the road and we could have a wedding without conflicting schedules.

It’s wonderful to have that time together. It’s a treat to get to spend an extended length of quality time, just us. I got used to going to bed with him every single night. And after having him home for about a month, it makes this first run a bit harder to handle as we get back into the swing of life as we know it.

It’ll be nice to have the stead income again. We can breathe a sign of relief there. And I have no doubt he is loving being back out on the road, playing the music he loves. Here at home, I’m buckling down myself and getting all sorts of work projects done myself. Web-sites, advertising, letters, etc. We’re both focused on work again.

But I do miss him. Especially when he ends up in one of those random areas where there is no cell service, so we don’t even get the luxury of talking on the phone. And this run happens to end right as I am flying out to do some thing back in Texas. So we’ll completely miss each other there. I’ll see him again when I make it back to Nashville after handling my things. This is fairly typical of us, though, so we’ve been here before. And we’ll be here again, I know.

I miss him. I just remind myself… it’ll make our time when he gets back home all the more sweet.