Many little rants

I think most people would describe me as an agreeable person. Optimistic and upbeat a majority of the time. However, I do go through my phases in which a lot of little thing just eat at me. They bug me. Pull at my last nerve. Wear out what patience I have.

Now is one of those times.

I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2003 with my BS in Journalism. I am an Aggie, and I have the diploma and ring to prove it. I am proud of my school, and I am a die-hard Aggie football fan. However, I also have a lot of respect for other schools. My only request is that you don’t rub your allegiance to a rival school in my face. I always want to simply ask, “And your point is…?”

This last week, I had a guy pointedly flash a Longhorns signal at me, and my blood immediately boiled. Especially since I was 99.9% certain the guy was what I like to call a T-shirt fan… no real alliance to the school other than being just a fan. He felt the need to act all better-than-you all because I am an Aggie? I wanted to walk over and tell him unless he had a diploma to back up that hand single he better shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Because I am sick and tired of being so severely disrespected because of my school. Which just so happens to be a REALLY GOOD SCHOOL with a loyalty and family-feeling that can not be compared to any other school.

I can take good natured ribbing from friends. But by a stranger? Its just disrespectful and unwarranted. So unless you have some true point and reason for your need to be obnoxious, can it. Because I will take your arrogance and raise you a hard-earned degree.

Redneck Men
This last week I went out for awhile to Fan Fair, oh wait… CMA Music Fest, on my own to people watch and take in some of the music myself. As I walked down the street to the stages, I had a guy go, “Heyyyyy…” I look at him, and he literally has his hand and arm up his shirt scratching his arm pit, leering.


I mean. Really. Woman walking down the street alone just MUST be in need of the first man who leers her way with his hand up in his sweaty arm pit. Yeah. We’ll all just jump on the first man that looks our way and goes, “Heyyyy….”

This is why you don’t see many women out alone! It’s not rapists and muggers we’re avoiding! It’s dumb rednecks that think this is okay! Newsflash: IT’S NOT!

Twitter Spambots
I’ve admitted my addiction to Twitter in the past. I’m not leaving it any time soon. However, I wish there was some way to put a handle on these Spambot profiles. I had one follow me about ten times over three days time offering a Britney Spears sex video. And for some reason, despite my profile stating I am married, Singles Dating Sites feel the need to follow me and try to offer me help setting up my singles profile.

I like to meet new people on Twitter. But I will not follow and will most likely block anyone who does not take the time to fill in any of their profile information. Throw me a little information here, people.

Yes. I’m calling out a company that I’ve been annoyed with as of late.

It started with our cable bill going up steadily over six months time. And  our service wasn’t getting any better! So we called to see about getting it lowered, explaining that we just could not afford what we were paying now!

The young man on the phone promptly reads us this offer for better service (HD Channels, even though we explained we didn’t have an HD TV)… for a little more than we were paying. He wasn’t helping us any with that. THEN he offers us much slower Internet services, the same Internet and phone, for only about $10 less than we were paying now. Again, not helping matters any. FINALLY after going through several offers, he admitted he could set us up with the exact same service we had already for $30 less a month. We took it… not only was that pretty much where we were shooting to be, but we were also tired of his not really listening to us.

Fast forward to the other night when our service was out for hours. I mentioned it on Twitter via cell phone texts several times before I went on to bed. Four hours later, someone from Comcast jumps on Twitter and asks if they can help me. Well by this time my Internet is back, but beyond that… if my internet is down how am I to necessarily be able to respond to your offer to help via Internet!?

Well, that next day, Comcast actually calls to notify us of maintenance over night and that our internet would be down for a period of time. I am so grateful when they do that! Because I like to know when I need to work around an outage. I don’t mind the outage when I know its coming!

So, I post this on Twitter and promptly a Comcast service rep messages, “Can I help?”

I just closed my browser and walked away. Really Comcast? I am saying that I have service now, but won’t have it later in the evening… and you ask if you can help? One of these days I’m just going to Twitter the word “Comcast” and see how many “Can I help?”s I get.

Honestly, I do think the service reps via Twitter are a good idea. I’m just annoyed that they don’t seem to really grasp whatever their customer is Twittering about prior to responding. Read before you respond, guys. Please.


EDIT TO ADD (4:00 pm) :: Note in the comments of this entry a response my a Comcast representative. Kudos to them for that… I’m very impressed! A ranty little entry from a woman in a bad mood as of late and they took the time to respond. Thanks guys!!!

3 thoughts on “Many little rants”

  1. Hi Denise,

    Sorry we weren’t right on time when you initially tweeted you were down. We typically have someone watching tweets from 7 am – 9 pm EST, Mon-Fri and until 5pm on the weekends, sometimes longer. I’m sorry you feel that us responding via Twitter with offers to help doesn’t work well if your internet is down. The assumption is, if you can send a tweet, you can receive a tweet. Lots of people have their Twitter accounts sent to iphones, cell phones, blackberries, etc. Regarding our offers for help, we do try to know as much as possible about our customers when they tweet, but we usually only have one or two people monitoring thousands of tweets, so it’s a little difficult to keep them straight until we have more dialog to tie them to. I’m submitting your feedback to the rest of Frank’s team and we will try to be more helpful to you in the future. Sorry it didn’t work out this time. :(

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa Mendoza
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  2. @Melissa Mendoza
    Thanks for your response! Wow! Very cool. :)

    I also totally understand that my hours are backwards from the typical working hours. And that outages due to maintenance are more likely to happen during what I consider “working hours.” the last two days, calls from Comcast came notifying me that there would be outages. I am always SO grateful for that, because I can plan around that time. However, countless times before, I’ve lost service for hours and hours on end, only to call and get a recording that it was due to “planned maintenance in your area.”

    PLEASE keep up notifications — by phone or even email — when a planned maintenance is scheduled. I really am understanding of it being at night when the majority of Comcast users are asleep. I just like to know ahead of time, and then I can adjust my to do list around it.

    Like I said in my post, I do think the Twitter help is really cool idea! My problem is that I have Twitter set up to accept texts, but checking for responses via phone at this time is a cumbersome task. I have many friends who use Twitter texting capabilities, but they do not have internet on their phone at all.

    I’ve mostly just grown frustrated that it seems like it doesn’t matter what I say, I get a generic “Can I help” response. The other days was something of the last straw where I just beat my head on my keyboard. I was just noting I’d been notified my internet would be down over night.

    Anyway, thank you again for your response! I will be making an edit to note this in the blog entry. :)

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