Weekly Winners (Mar. 21 – 27)

I have to admit. I miss doing a 365, and I definitely plan to start another one on my next birthday. I’m sticking with my Weekly Winners plan for this year, and this week I approached it a LITTLE closer to my old 365. Mostly random images coming your way with no theme whatsoever. They’re just all photos I took this week.

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Mocha Java Chiller
Mocha Java Chiller -- Coffee ice cream goodness!

Flip Flop Charms
Flip Flop Charms -- My niece took First Place in Jewelry at the local Livestock Show Home Economics Division competitions. This is the charm from one of her pieces.

1st Prize
My nephew painted this picture and, as you can see, took First Place!

A solo curl.

Looking into the Sunshine
This is my "Hollywood Look."
Above photo submitted to Linda’s “Moments of You” Weekly Photo Captures.

This is the church, this is the steeple, look inside, there's all the people! Does anyone else remember that?

Sushi. Love.

Vanilla Skinny Latte
This is a SKINNY Vanilla Latte, so please hold back judgement.

Palm Leaves
This weekend is Palm Sunday. We went to church tonight, and I had to include a photo of our palm leaves.

♥ ♥ ♥

All of my photos available on my Flickr stream.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Winners (Mar. 21 – 27)”

  1. Hi! Nice set. I love the steeple – I remember that! The first shot is beautiful – strange thing to say about a mocha?

  2. Your niece and nephew are very talented… the painting is gorgeous.

    I really like ‘solo curl’ and the way you composed the shot.

    1. Thank you! I have to admit, I got the curl idea from a shot Lotus did a few weeks ago. Monkey see, monkey do. hehe

      I am SO proud of those kids… they have no idea. Thanks so much.

  3. WOW. They are all great shots – love that first shot (Mocha Java Chiller – beautiful) and a gorgeous shot of the palm leaves.

    Great set!

  4. love the palms, very cool ! feel free to join my weekly portrait series, Moments of You. Linked it here. It’s new (last week) and would love to have you participate!

    1. would love to participate! I started a weekly Self Portrait a few weeks back, and its so much fun! Thanks for the invite and feedback!!

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