Weekly Winners (Apr. 4 – 10)

I am compiling this entry on Friday night (Apr. 9) so no photos from the 10th. If I get any good ones they’ll sneek into next week illegally magically. I’m actually out for the night with my husband at a show, so I built this entry and set it to publish at the proper time FOR me.  Ah, if only other things in life were as handy-dandy as WordPress.

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Gnaughy Gnome
Gnaughty Gnome


Sleeping Snail

Sun rays at sunset
Sun rays at Sunset

Orange blooms, blue skies
Orange petals, blue skies

♥ ♥ ♥

All photos taken using a Nikon Coolpix L20.

All of my photos available on my Flickr stream.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Winners (Apr. 4 – 10)”

  1. We did the same thing with our gnome, only I didn’t get a picture!

    Love, love, love the sunset photo. Breathtaking!

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