Weekly Winners (Apr. 11 – 17)

My apologies to all the Weekly Winners people last week that I failed to come visit. It was a busy weekend, followed by a super busy week. I don’t think I’ve come off the adrenaline rush of the last three months of tax season. It’s all over, though, and time to move forward! First, though, a review of the last week! (The first three photos are actually from Apr. 10th, when I was out of town and couldn’t include it in last week’s post. So a little cheating going on there.)

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Looking back
Looking back as I speed ahead


Tickle the keys
My husband at work. I can't help it but be mushy... but I love that I caught his wedding ring in this photo. Makes me smile.

Good bye tax season
Tax season draws to an end. Crossing that day out on the calendar, was a lot like shifting gears in your vehicle. My days and pace change dramatically now.

Fried pickles & beer
Fried pickles and an icey Coors Light to celebrate the end of a good season.

Lake Belton
Drove over Lake Belton one afternoon. The sail boat made for such a peaceful image.

An aunt's love
An aunt's love.

Hearts in clovers
Hearts in clover.

Wk23: Leaning
I'm doing a weekly "self portrait" project. I liked how this one turned out for this week.

♥ ♥ ♥

All photos taken using a Nikon Coolpix L20.

All of my photos available on my Flickr stream.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Winners (Apr. 11 – 17)”

  1. Seemed to be a nice week ! I had to laugh about what you wrote about the wedding ring ! After 32 years of marriage, Mr. G. had taken it off or rather the doctors had to cut it off for a light surgery, and he never could put it back because his fingers “put on weight” lol ! but even without ring we just celebrated our 40th anniversary.

    1. LOL! Awww! Happy Anniversary!! 40 years and we’re barreling our way towards our 4th. Love it. Makes me smile! But what a great story on the ring. LOL! Just goes to show… its not the ring that makes the marriage!

  2. Nice pics. Taxes… ugh. I haven’t done mine yet. I have no motivation. I’m a stay-at-home-mom with no income. Nothing they can do to me. ;)

  3. As the wife of a CPA, tax day is typically a major holiday in our family (this year my husband isn’t in public acct, so it was less stressful) – so needless to say, your Tax Day shot really resonates with me!!

    1. haha! I used to call myself a tax season orphan back in the day. Shoulda known I’d be part of the family business as an adult!

    1. haha! I got those at Texas Roadhouse, but I know various places will have them. I was only just introduced to them about two years ago. OMG HEAVEN! SO YUM!!!!

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