Summer Fun Idea: The library

Whether its “officially” Summer or not, I think its safe to say that we all have that Summer-time urge to let our hair down. I know I do! Sunshine, beaches, water, flip flops. They all are calling my name!

However, I have two things going against me. One, its summer touring season, and for the next few months I’m going to be on my own more than I’ll be with my husband. Two, I’m broke and a trip to the beach just isn’t going to happen. So, I’m on a mission to find fun things to do that are cheap, and that — bonus points — I can do on my own.

My first stop is the library.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always liked the library. I had a craving for books all the way back to pre-school days. (That could be why I love to write today!) I remember being addicted to Boxcar Children, then to Sweet Valley Twins and Baby Sitters Club. RL Stine books, Sweet Valley High, and later Sweet Valley University. Books, books, books! I wanted one with me all the time!

My book tastes have advanced since those days, and I don’t devour them as fast. I still like to have one with me at all times, but I appreciate them much more than I did back then.

I got a library card for a local library last September. I was GIDDY to be handed a card, because it had been far too long since I had one. I promptly checked out a stack of books. I just as promptly earned myself late fees, even though you can renew books online with a click of a mouse button.  What-cha gonna do?

The other day, on a whim, I decided a trip to the library was in order. I drove over, and I was SO happy to see the parking lot almost full. I smiled extra big to see Moms taking big groups of kids in to attend a summer reading time.

It was nice and cool inside, which immediately made me feel like this would be a wonderful place to spend some upcoming hot summer afternoons. I quickly got lost among the books, mostly plotting out a summer reading list for myself. I even found a few books that I didn’t know existed; books I know I will be devouring in weeks to come.

Libraries are so underrated, and as the world becomes more and more digital, printed media is quickly losing its place in the world. Call me crazy, but I love to smell and feel of a BOOK. Being surrounded by hundreds of them in a library is, for me, like being enveloped in a wonderful literary hug. I plan to hug back. I left that afternoon with two books in my arms and a plan on where to go some summer afternoons when I want to get out of the house.