Weekly Winners (June 13 – 19)

This week, I had over 100 photos to choose from to narrow down for Weekly Winners. Adhering to my self-imposed 9 photo limit… here ya go! The first 8 photos are actually from last Sunday when my husband and I went to poke around CMA Fest, and then just went for a drive by Percy Priest lake. More details on the photos in the captions!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the Dad’s out there!

Now, when you are done here, go check out Lotus (she’s HAWT) for more Weekly Winner participants!

Nashville Skyline
Downtown Nashville Cumberland River panoramic. If the left side wasn't so dark, you'd be able to see the hundreds of people sitting at the Riverfront Stages for CMA Fest. Also of note, I did not use my panoramic setting on my camera for this. I freehanded it, and then had a program sew the photos together for me.

CMA Fest 2010
I really love this shot. The batman building and the sign for The District and a Live Music Venue photo. If I could somehow have magically gotten the Ryman Auditorium in here, too, I'd have gotten the perfect downtown Nashville shot. But, alas, geography had that going against me. (Note: Straight out of camera image.)

CMA Fest 2010
In general, I don't like street performers in downtown. Most of the time they aren't that great, and they are horning in on tips the bands (read: my husband at times) in the bars are working their butts off to get. So there's a little dislike there for me. But these guys? These guys were REALLY good and had a GREAT gimmick. I could so appreciate them and what they were doing. If more street performers were like these two, I'd never grumble!! (SOOC)

CMA Fest 2010
This was one of those shots that I was in the right place at the right time to get. This shot was used on"Nashvillest" this past week. (SOOC)

So my husband and I are strolling around on the Shelby Street footbridge when he strikes up a conversation with a guy wearing his college's baseball cap. So I wandered off unattended. I heard a plane going over downtown, looked up, snapped the shot and moved on... it wasn't until I downloaded my images that I realized it actually ended up being a REALLY cool shot, in my opinion. A happy accident! (SOOC)

Fire escape
First off, I have this weird obsession with this building and its fire escape. It's like I feel like there are some really cool shots to be taken there. Second, if you have a Droid phone, download FxCamera. I seriously love this app, and that's how I got this shot. I feel like I finally got a glimpse at the possibilities in photographing this building. (HTC Droid Incredible using FxCamera setting Toy Camera)

Percy Priest
Percy Priest lake as the sun began to set. I actually liked the exact same shot I got with my phone a LITTLE better. But I like the dimensions of the shot I got with my camera better. So I went with the camera shot. (SOOC)

Percy Priest
Percy Priest Lake. Sunset. Ducks. This is my desktop wallpaper. LOVE. (SOOC)

Wedding Rings
You'll probably recognize this from my new blog header. Lots of color editing done here. But. I still love this shot. A lot.

♥ ♥ ♥

Most photos taken using a Nikon Coolpix L20 unless otherwise noted.

All of my photos available on my Flickr stream.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Winners (June 13 – 19)”

  1. Ahh… you are making me homesick for Nashville. I do miss Tennessee. Beautiful snaps of Percy Priest Lake, so serene… love the shot of the sunset on the water.

    1. Thank you! Awww… I think that should the day ever come we move, I’ll miss it as well. I’ve so grown to absolutely LOVE Nashville. It’s home!

    1. The best part, the app is FREE! I’ve yet to find a photo editing program that I truly like, but that’s where this one steps in. I love what it does with images on its own, that I don’t NEED an editing program anymore!


  2. Those are great pictures! And that fire escape photo makes me want the Droid! I’ve been wanting to get a smart phone, and been looking through all the options, but I haven’t seen the other phones take a picture like that!

    1. I love my Droid! I got it as a pre-order so I’ve had to work out a few bugs here and there. But its been SOOOO worth it. I highly recommend it!

      Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that image is going to be my desktop wallpaper for a LONG time. I might have to get it printed, actually. Gotta love natures beauty.

  3. Really great shots this week. Last week I took a picture of a street performer..he wasn’t that good and he was in a public park. After I took the picture he said “can’t you even put a dollar in the jar for me” but he was sort of grumpy about it. Well, normally I would have but I had already given all my cash to some kids collecting for the special Olympics. Which I must admit was a better charity then this guy who really should get a job.

    1. AGREED!!! Besides, when a street performer has to ask you for a dollar, they’re not doing their job. heh If that makes sense. Honestly, though, it is extremely rare for me to carry cash at ALL. Which saves me from feeling obligated to give to the not-so-great performers, but keeps me from truly being able to give kudos to the good ones! ITs a catch-22 I guess.

      Thanks so much!!

  4. Really nice! I see what you mean about the fire escape building… it’s asking for someone to take its picture. The water shots are all lovely… great panoramic shot. Amazing that you did it like that… but I think it looks better than the panoramic feature on my camera, anyway. =)

    1. YES!!! Its such a charming building. I think people find me weird to when I say a building or a bridge or something like that has, “Stolen my heart.” But it just means its something special about it that I appreciate!

      I find the panoramic setting to be hard to use for me. I can never line stuff up right! I think I’m going to do it like this from now on. It was less stressful, and I think it came out a LOT better.

      Thanks so very much!!!

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