Time well spent

My husband and I are back on the road… heading back to Nashville. So this will be short as I write via WordPress App again…

As we left my hometown, my brother called, giving us a hard time for trying to sneak away. Turns out, we went right by them and didn’t notice. So we turned around and went back.

We sat and visited with my brother and family for probably around half an hour before hitting the road again. It was wonderful!

As we drove off, I thanked my husband for going back.

“I know it put us a little behind, but it meant a lot to get to see them again,” I said.

“It’s family,” he responded.  “Any time spent with family is not time lost or wasted. It’s time well spent.”

3 thoughts on “Time well spent”

  1. I love this. And I too am so happy that you were able to see your brother and family before leaving town. And oh yes family time is so so precious. Wish we hadn’t had to be so so busy. But it was a great visit inspite of the craziness around here. Come again soon. Anytime! You are always so welcome!!!!

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