“Our” holiday

My husband and I have spent every New Years Eve together since we rang in 2003 together, and we’ve agreed that as long as its possible, we will ring in the new year together. As such, we’ve spent the holiday all over the place in the last eight years. This is our ninth to spend together. (NINTH!?!)

Welcome 2006!

2003 – Billy Bob’s Texas in Dallas, Texas. I bought tickets to the concert he was playing that night. Why not do something different and ring in the new year with my friend, all while seeing a great show? I had NO idea it would start a tradition!

2004 – Cowboy’s Red River in Dallas, Texas. Same idea as 2003. Same artist, even!

2005 – Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. He didn’t have a show that new years, and this time instead of my traveling to ring in the new year with him. He traveled to ring it in with me!

2006 – Jubitz in Portland, Oregon. Newly engaged, we rang in the new year in a club he used to play in “back in the day” with old friends of his. My new fiance originally had a gig in Buffalo, New York, which was canceled last minute. We lost a lot of money changing our flights, but the fun we had was worth it!

2007 – Star Hall in Cyclone, Texas. Six days away from our wedding, we were surrounded by family and friends as the clock struck midnight.

2008 -Lexington, Kentucky. My husband had a show in Lexington that night, so I drove up from Nashville to see the show and spend our sixth new years eve together.

A kiss at midnight... 2009!

2009 – Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar in Nashville, Tennessee. My husband didn’t have a gig, so we welcomed 2009 in our “second home” surrounded by our Fiddle Family.

2010 – Star Hall in Cyclone, Texas. We expected the same party we had in 2007. Didn’t quite work out that way, but we were still with friends and family, and definitely were left with a story to tell!

2011 — We will welcome the new year in downtown Nashville again this year. My husband doesn’t have a show, so we’ll go join our close friends and toast to the hope and promise of the coming year.

I have bought black-eyed peas and collard greens to make tomorrow for luck and prosperity. It’s the only “superstition” I really follow… well, that and a kiss at midnight! One of these days, there will be the first new years we will miss spending together. That will probably have to do with our kids, when they come.  But until that time, we will spend every December 31st into January 1st together. No matter where our jobs take us, we’ll find a way to be together.

Do you have any new years traditions? What are they? Where will you be when we click over into 2011?

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  1. Thank you for adding the link on superstitions. I learned a lot by reading it. I’ve never been on for any of the those. I go along just for the fun of it. So I guess we did good with our pork for supper last night. (And I highly recommend it, yummy!) May you spend every new year’s eve together and keep up the writing in 2011.

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