Weekly Winners (Mar. 27 – Apr. 2)

Weekly Winners is a fun little thing bloggers do to showcase some of their favorite photos from the previous week. It is brought to you, me and everyone by the lovely Lotus, aka Sarcastic Mom. Visit her site and find all the participants. See some amazing photos brought to you by bloggers around the world. Leave a little love when you do — its like food for the soul!

Weekly Winners

Didn’t take many photos this week. I had to stretch a bit for this one…

I want this.

139: I'm A Pepper
I'm a Pepper.

140: Keys to me
My keys.

141: Tree beauty
Tree beauty.

142: Circling

143: Leopard Print Toenails?
Leopard print toenails.


144: Handles
Get a handle on things.

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Photos taken using a Nikon Coolpix L20 or my Droid Incredible or a Sony DSLR A230.

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So long April Fool’s Day

I’m not a fan of April Fools Day. If I really think about it… I never have been. Its like Angela England tweeted earlier, “Thank goodness April Fool’s Day is over- I can’t stand not being able to take my friends’ words at face value!”

And that’s exactly it. I don’t like not trusting the people I’m supposed to be able to trust!

I’d like to say this is why I didn’t make a blog post yesterday. It would actually be a really good excuse! However, I was just too darn busy all day to write a post, and once I settled down with time to write… I was too tuckered out to do it.

Back to the subject at hand, though.

I do get seriously amused by the various April Fools Pranks pulled by companies and web-sites. Google never ceases to amuse me every April 1st. (Seriously, though, what a brilliant way to fight obesity from sitting at a computer all day!) And I have to admit, Starbucks hit home this year since I’ve ironically been craving a Skinny Vanilla Latte from there for days. And I really wish I’d screen captured Flickr changing their logo for a day to add an “E.” I’m still snickering at the number of people who took it seriously. (Do a Flickr search for the logo and see several people asking what happened with it.)

However, it can get frustrating and hurtful sometimes when pranks get out of hand. I watched a few online that started to get out of control, when people weren’t sure if they should take the prank seriously or not. I even ended up posting a photo with the caption “Not a joke” to make sure people took ME seriously!

Like I said, I hate not being able to trust the people I should always be able to trust. My absolute favorite quote is:

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” – George MacDonald

April Fools Day snubs that hard, and that makes me very uncomfortable. I think if I could sleep the day away, I would. It’s just too stressful not to be able to trust people!

So, I welcome April 2nd with open arms. Come back to me, sanity. Come back to me, trust.