I have a good excuse

I didn’t update yesterday, but I have a good excuse.

My husband and I went out on a date!

My favorite piece of advice to couples getting married is to, “never stop dating.” My husband and I go out on dates, just not as often as we would like. So last night, I said I wanted it to be date night… and it was.

What was so weird, as that we had no idea what to go and do. So we both got on our laptops, and we came up with EXACT SAME IDEA! Of all the things to go do in Nashville, how we both came up with the same idea still baffles us and gives us goosebumps.

After I got some projects done that I’d already been paid to do, I jumped in the shower and got dressed to go out.

Belcourt Bathroom SnapHubby said I should wear a new outfit, and I requested he cowboy up a little bit. (Wear his boots and Wranglers — my favorite!) We headed out to dinner first. We decided to just pick somewhere, and we ended up at Jackson’s Bar & Bistro.

I now have a new top-ten place to eat in Nashville. VERY cool vibe, and the food was incredible! Prices were spot-on, as well! (I had the Sonora Torrado and hubby had Beef Stroganoff). Practically had to roll us out of there!

We “rolled” ourselves across the street to the Belcourt Theatre. I’d only been there once before to see a documentary on Steinway Pianos, and I’d loved it then. Last night, we went to see a new Will Ferrell movie, Everything Must Go. Ironically, we picked it thinking it would be lighthearted and uplifting.

It wasn’t.

Oh don’t get me wrong! It was a good movie! Straight drama from start to finish. Changed my opinion of Will Ferrell, which was a HUGE plus. I was thoroughly impressed with him and his performance. However, we ended up leaving with heavy hearts and deep thoughts.

From there, we went and walked around downtown. Got our exercise!! We also ran into a lot of friends, too, which is ALWAYS nice. And we ended up in our favorite bar/home-away-from-home. LOL! It always happens, and there is comfort in that fact.

We came home and chilled on the couch until bedtime. It was WONDERFUL.

So, as you can see,I had a good excuse to not post yesterday. I was on a date with my husband… a date we needed to reconnect and recharge.


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