Ten years OFFICIALLY an Aggie

Ten years ago today, I had my first class at Texas A&M University.

If anyone is doing the math, yes I went to “junior college” for two years, then spent the last two years of college at TAMU.  I was an Aggie from the day I was born, so this was just an “official” step in Aggie status.

I thought for giggles, I’d share my entry from my private journal written that day:

11:13 pm August 27th, 2001

 She traveled this road as a child…

I’ve had that song in my head all day.

Well, that one and ‘Drops of Jupiter’ but that one only because it seems to be on every station I put the radio on.

Anyway, after the worst weekend of the past year… Ugh… being sick really, really sucks. I mean, I’m kinda hungry right now, but after being as sick as I was, I’m actually afraid to eat. *shakes head* I have some Pringles here, maybe I’ll eat on those.

I’m worn out. I am still not at 100% strength yet, so today was a little less spectacular than I like. Yes, my first day at TAMU.

My first class wasn’t until after 4 PM, so I didn’t leave home until after 2:00. Mom and Dad followed me, because I still hadn’t moved any of my clothes down here. So they brought my clothes while I went to class. Its an hour drive and I had to move to get to class on time. It poured on us on the way… I mean, you could barely see the car in front of you. So… yeah… I went to my first class in the rain.

I parked further away than I wanted too, but I had no choice. I got to class and… zoned out. LOL!! I mean, it should be a good class but she was basically reading the syllabus to us! My class today was Sociology of Religion. It’ll be interesting, and I don’t think it’ll be all THAT tough. We’ll see…

When I got out of class I called my friend, Lindsey. She lives on campus, so she came and got me and we went to her dorm room. We hung out with her room mate and other girls from that dorm in her room. Lindsey had a class so she went to class and I stayed behind with the other girls. That was pretty cool. They all had plans and slowly trickled, though, and eventually it was just me and the remote control. LOL!!! Lindsey got back, though, and we headed out with this girl from across the hall for Kyle Field… the football field. There was supposed to be an “All U-Nite” where they introduce the sports teams, band, corp of cadets, yell leaders, etc. Well, because of the rain it was canceled. So, we went back to the dorm. Lindsey and I were hungry so we went out to eat. LONG walk to my truck. *groan* *laugh*

it was nice, though. After we ate, I dropped her at her dorm and I came back here to my aunts house.

I have a really nice room here. I like it. Its big. When I get my X-Files poster, my three-eyed smiley poster, and a MB20 poster up on the walls I’ll take some pictures.

Right now? I’m headed for bed. I am really, really tired. I have an 8 am class, and the road I take to school will be going under construction in the morning, so… I gotta leave extra early. I’m going to go to bed, pop in one of my X-Files tapes… Bad Blood, I think… and zone out.

I laugh as I read that now. It traditionally rains on the first day of classes. I’m pretty sure it did every semester I was there. And Sociology of Religion is to this day one of my least favorite classes… mostly because it was more reading that I ever could handle and I skated through with a C.

I love that I have journal entries to look back on for my years at TAMU. I wish I still kept it up today like I did then. It’s fun to be able to see how much I’ve changed (and how much I’ve stayed the same!) through the years.

Amazing and amusing.

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  1. My first day at A&M (officially I went to the first summer session, but I don’t count it too much) was the fall 2000 semester… and it was the hottest day on record for the year and for September. It was 112 degrees in the shade. I remember thinking it was totally pointless to put on makeup since it had melted off immediately walking to class and how I wished I’d brought my deoderant with me to reapply every hour. LMAO

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