Top 10 Reasons I have a case of blog-block

I can’t come up with a blog topic to write about. So, I thought I’d list the reasons why I can’t come up with a topic.

  1. I have a ton of photos to edit from today, and I’d rather be doing that.
  2. Even though I’m on a total different schedule than the rest of the world, I recognize its late and, as such, would rather do just about anything except what I should be doing.
  3. I’m getting tired.
  4. The interesting things that happened to me yesterday are things I already wrote about. In depth. A few times.
  5. I feel like I’ve had some really awesome posts lately, and I want to keep it up. So nothing seems like a good enough topic.
  6. I’ve stared at the “Add New Post” page so long that I think I’m seeing double.
  7. There’s nothing for me to rant about! I’m in a good mood!
  8. My birthday is coming up, and I kinda want to wallow bask in that fact.
  9. Daylight Savings Time ended.
  10. I’m bored and thus feel boring.

Why do YOU get blog-block, or writer’s block, or just a big case of the “I don’t wannas?”

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