Finding beauty in the strangest places

I love photography. As if everyone didn’t already know that.

This last week has been pretty much, get up, work, go to the house, tinker online, talk to hubby, go to sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat. Not exactly conducive to creative photography opportunities.

So to keep my Project 365 (366 this year) alive, I’ve been forced to search for beauty in the most mundane of things.

It’s been a fun challenge! It’s made me appreciate my world SO much more; on a more minute level. If I have one day a week where there seems nothing to shoot, I don’t feel guilty for have a throw away shot that are are clearly just phoned in… but when its almost 6 days straight? The ante gets upped. A lot.

So for this crazy busy Friday, I thought I’d share just a couple of my finds of beauty in the every-day…



Lamp light

3 thoughts on “Finding beauty in the strangest places”

    1. They are!!! I’m really growing to love the random shot of something mundane over the epic shots that are set up and posed. They’re more fun!

      And thank you!!

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