Making Thanksgiving stand out…

I always feel like Thanksgiving gets lost. There is the big push for Halloween and the thrills and giggles of it. Then we run towards Christmas, and Thanksgiving ends up just being Black Friday-Eve… though this year, the madness begins ON Thanksgiving.

Whatever happened to taking time to count your blessings? Whatever happened to spending the day with family and friends? What happened to being thankful for what you have instead of focused on what you want to go buy?

One thing I’ve NEVER done is decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I’ve been steadfastly against it. I will NOT do that!

Then we got a mini-heatwave this week and I went, “Maybe we should decorate while its warm instead of waiting…”

So today, we dug out the Christmas decorations and I’m about half-way done with decorating our house. I thought I’d feel guilty for it. Something weird happened instead…

It made me even more thankful.

As I pulled out item after item, memories of when we got them came back to me. It made me look around and take note of so many blessings.

I’m thankful for family and for friends. I am thankful for a roof over my head, a vehicle to drive, and food in the refrigerator. I’m thankful for work to do, and more ideas than I can possibly put into action. I am thankful for all the hard times that taught me lessons about the world and myself. I am thankful for love, faith and hope. I am thankful for my health — even as I stop to blow my nose periodically. I’m thankful for God’s love being a constant in life.

Maybe Thanksgiving doesn’t end up getting lost after all. Maybe Thanksgiving stands out all on its own without having to try… because it really and truly lives in one’s heart as opposed to the calendar.

One thought on “Making Thanksgiving stand out…”

  1. I think I’m the only one who didn’t shop this weekend. I did go to Walmart for some groceries/toiletries today, but I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary except pick up fresh Apple Cider for a treat. I understand parents who want to get their kids’ Christmas gifts while they’re on sale at a great price- and while family & friends can babysit- but otherwise, I don’t get it. I don’t have the moolah ready to dish out on things I don’t need. As Chris and I drove home late Thursday night after a full day with family, we stared at all of the packed parking lots at the stores up and down the highway. It was unreal.

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