Growing up in a small town, pizza delivery didn’t exist. I’d read in books about it. I’d see it on TV. But for us? NOPE! The local Pizza Hut did not offer delivery at all, though you could do carry-out.

When I “moved to the city,” I have to admit that delivery was something I was excited to have as an option. I could finally order a pizza and have it come to me… never having to even get out of my pajamas.

We did that this afternoon. Our cupboard and refrigerator are quite bare, and we just haven’t taken the time to replenish. So ordering a pizza today was just as much necessity as it was being lazy.

As I munched on my slice of pizza, I thought about how our supper was not an option to me as a kid. But it also hit me…

In the six years I’ve lived “in the city” I’ve probably ordered pizza delivery 5 times, with two of those being upon moving and just not having time to cook amid the boxes holding all of our stuff. So maybe… maybe not having delivery as a kid was that big of a deal. We probably wouldn’t have used it much anyway!