All I wanted to do was pee!

Its happened to me twice now. Both times in Arkansas… perhaps a coincidence but for now I’m holding it against the state.

We were traveling between Texas and Tennessee (which might be obvious since I already said this happened in Arkansas) and needed to fuel the truck. Thank heavens since I was doing the, “I gotta pee dance.”

My husband gets out to fuel, I bolt for the store to pee. Only to be denied. 

The first time, “The restrooms are locked at 10 because I don’t want to be back there cleaning them all the time.” I am pretty sure I almost broke down in tears. I ran out, told my husband to quit fueling. I would NOT give that store another penny. We went across the street where I was able to relieve my screaming bladder and my finish filling the gas tank.

I wrote several scalding reviews on social media for the offending station… 

The second time I wasn’t in as dire a need.  As my husband fueled, I strolled to the store.  I could see the woman inside sweeping. I knew they were closing in about 20 minutes.

I stepped inside and was promptly told, “Ma’am the restrooms are closed.” I stared at her. I sighed loudly and walked out.

I told my husband.  I considered stopping fueling again until I realized we were almost done already. My husband went to talk to the lady but didn’t get anywhere either. I made a quick “tip” on Foursquare about what happened, ending it with, “Why did I spend over $60 in fuel here?”

My husband informed me it was more like $75. Which just irritated me more.

I finally stopped  to pee later when I finally reached the pee dance stage. I picked a truck stop I knew wouldn’t deny me. Thankful for them atleast!

Tell me… anyone else run into this? What did you do? Am I wrong to be highly annoyed to be told the restroom is closed when I’m spending a LOT at the pump? Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “All I wanted to do was pee!”

  1. If it’s a no-other-cars-around kind of night, and I’m on a grass-lined highway, and I really cannot hold it any loger… I just pull over and go in the wild. LOL I’ve only done it twice in my life, and I know this doesn’t really work while traveling the interstate. :)

  2. My other tip – fast food places. I rarely ever go to the restroom at a gas station simply because they’re usually nasty. There are exceptions. I love the restrooms at the truck stop in Hearne. We have a few places where we stop on the way to/from South Padre that are usually clean.

  3. I am really big on those state Rest Areas along interstates…First, they are not as often as gas stations or restaurants, so when I see one, I ask myself, “Oh, do I need to go to the restroom?” 9 times out of 10, I do and I’ll stop and rest. Gas stations, when I’m long driving alone, are notorious for being unreliable for me, anywhere from being out of order to in the middle of cleaning. However, if I do have to use the restroom at a gas station, I ALWAYS purchase some thing inside. Something I’ve learned from my mom and dad, while yes you pay a lot in gas right now, most will go back to the gas dealer for more gas. Most of the time I’ll get a drink and a pack of gum (something that can last for when I don’t need it), so I can pay the clerks, especially since they have to monitor and clean that restroom I just used (unless that restroom was really nasty). Food joints would be the same requirement, if you use the restroom, make a purchase. And yes, I agree with Anne, most food places have restrooms in better conditions.

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