Making it happen Monday: Go where it takes you

Today’s Making it happen Monday come from 30,000 ft in the air as I am traveling to Texas for a busy week!


I have a few meetings for photography and web-site work. I’ve tried to get away from web-site design the last few years. I just haven’t felt like keeping up with the code changes and advances at the internet evolves. However, it’s the thing that just keeps coming back around to me. So I’ve given in and accepted maybe its what I should focus on more after all.

So here I am, going when the work is taking me, both creatively and geographically. With many connections in Texas, family and business-wise, I’m off to go where the work is.

When this country was growing, families traveled to settle lands to the west, where there was farming and mining to be done. They went where the work was… And even in this digital age, when the world is smaller than ever thanks to cell phones, email, internet, Skype, Facebook, etc. sometimes you still have to go where the work is to make a living and chase your dreams. Our ancestors were not stagnate, and neither should we.


4 thoughts on “Making it happen Monday: Go where it takes you”

  1. It’d be awesome if you had your photography business full-time- could let Texas folks know when you’re down to schedule photo shoots. :) That’s what my family friend’s daughter does- she’s in DFW, but she lets Caldwell people know when she’ll be in our neck of the woods to do pictures. LOL

    1. THAT is my goal!! I just gotta build up a bigger portfolio and then get to networking and promoting myself! Thinking about going through all my photos and maybe submitting some prints to church picnics for auction items. THinking about it. ;)

  2. Ooooh, I like that! Plus it makes a person feel good to be able to donate to those. I felt really great when I donated a crochet blanket to a good cause a few weeks ago. :) Caldwell’s Elizabeth Lutheran Church’s fireworks thing always has a silent auction and games for kids and a band on July 3rd (they do it the night before LOL). I was thinking about donating a blanket to their auction, but I’m not sure I can finish a throw blanket quite that fast. Maybe next year. When I donated to the other cause, I was out of business cards to send with it (only had about 8 cards left)… epic fail on my part!

  3. Another idea – county fairs? Sarah actually enters some of her photography into the Burleson Co. Fair. She got a blue ribbon. ;-) I love looking at all of the photos because they have the amateur and professional divisions- good way to see who the professionals in the area are.

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