Making it Happen Monday: Do it even if it terrifies you

Yesterday, I finally did it. I photographed a wedding. Officially. As in, got paid to do it.

I was terrified.

But I did it.

Oh, I’ve taken pictures at many weddings. I’ve even been complimented that they bride and groom liked my shots better than their photographers. But, it wasn’t all on me. It was for fun, and pressure-free. It was also something I knew I wanted to do… for a living.

When I was asked to photograph friends’ wedding, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. But as the weeks and days approached, I felt my stress and fear grow. Could I really do this? Really?

Yup. I could. And I did.


I now have a ton of photos to go through and edit, and I absolutely can’t wait. I did it. I faced my fear, and I did it. And I think the photos turned out good! I stand behind my work. And my husband’s…

He’s becoming a good photographer as well. In fact some his shots I like better than my own!! (I’m not going to be learning piano any time soon, but I’ll happily move gear in exchange any day!) SOOOOOOOOOO thankful he’s willing to jump in and help… my parents are in town and also offered to help, something I am also incredibly thankful for as well.

My dreams of doing photography as part of my lifelong career took a huge step forward yesterday. Because I did it… even though it terrified me.


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    1. YES! I’ll be sharing as soon as I delve into them. I’m trying to knock some other projects out this week first so I can work on them without having to go to anything else.

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