Airplane mode

I flew from Nashville to New Orleans to Austin today. It was a full day of travel, but it was made much more amusing by a change by the FAA.

I got to leave my cell phone on the entire time. In airplane mode, of course. But no need to power down or back up. I could read, play games, whatever from start to finish. Both my flights happened to be Wi-Fi enabled planes, too, which was just… BONUS. I was able to play on Twitter, Facebook and Words with Friends the entire time I traveled.

It was kinda awesome. It made the time pass much faster, and, like I said, it made the trip a bit amusing. Tweeting from somewhere over Mississippi. Craziness.

But here is my favorite part. I could finally take photos coming in and out of the airports… images I’ve wanted to capture for years now will finally be captured. I am positively giddy about that fact.  Twitter, Facebook, etc. is awesome if the flight has Wi-Fi. If it doesn’t though, I can snap my photos and listen to downloaded playlists off Spotify, happy as a clam. Thank you FAA for making this change!!

A few photos from today:

2013-11-20 13.44.12
Coming into New Orleans
2013-11-20 13.52.01
Over Lousiana
2013-11-20 13.54.17
Which way on I-10 do you wish to travel?
2013-11-20 13.54.29
Plane shadow
2013-11-20 15.57.19
Coming into Austin
2013-11-20 15.58.38

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