Gearing up for Lent

Lent ideasI’ve spent a lot of time the last week, contemplating Lent and what to “give up” for it.

Did you know that today is considered “Fat Thursday?” I didn’t until I searched “lent” on Twitter. Which of course sent me to Google. And the only real information I could find on it was from Wikipedia.  According to that page, it is a Polish and German tradition. It’s not to be confused with “Fat Tuesday” but its not all THAT different, as best I could tell. Apparently you’re supposed to eat a lot of donuts today. Which isn’t going to happen for me, despite having a German heritage. But if you partake, rock on and enjoy. Have a cinnamon and sugar covered one for me.

But like I said, I am thinking a lot about Lent and I had a few ideas. Feel free to throw ideas out at me, or take some of these for yourself…

  • Stop eating when I’m full… not when the plate is empty. I used to be GREAT at this back in the day. I need that habit back, and I think a LOT of things would straighten up behind that. I can make a conscious effort to do this through Lent, and hopefully in doing so, turn it into a habit.
  • Give up alcohol. Or at the very least, cut it back dramatically. (I don’t mind a glass of wine here and there, or a beer now and then. But save them for “special occasions” within Lent.)

    116: Maker's

  • Pretend I never found Lactose Intolerance pills. I think some of my sinus issues could be curbed if I cut out milk products for awhile. And I am sure I’d lose at least a few pounds doing so as well. So I am seriously considering cutting out/back my milk product consumption through Lent and see what happens.
  • Photo-A-Day. I’ve skipped doing a Project 365 for this year, but I do miss that challenge of a photo a day. I thought maybe I could up the ante a bit. Four photos every day for Lent. A selfie, the sky/weather, something I am grateful for, and then photographer’s choice. How’s THAT for a challenge to improve some of my skills?  Of course, I can take more than that, but definitely do those four every day.
    Oregon - July 2012
  • No soda.
  • No chocolate.
  • Spend money only on necessities and not on “wants.” (Good thing the new Eli Young Band CD comes out on Fat Tuesday! Oh wait, I could possibly justify that as a necessity. Right? Ha!)
  • Eat out less. Cook at home more.

    120: Fish for dinner

  • Say a rosary at LEAST once a week.
  • Say my prayers every single night of the week… even if it means forcing myself to stay awake to do so.
  • Cut back Facebook time.
  • Take a deep breath and curb the road rage.
  • No procrastinating. (Maybe I can do this one next year…) (Oh I know that’s an old joke, but admit it… you laughed.)
  • Get up earlier.
  • Go to bed earlier.
    261: Wall Lettering
  • Put the cell phone in my purse when at a restaurant instead of on the table.
  • Blog every day. Even if its just the prior day’s photos. (See what I did there? Multitasking.)
  • No cursing. Or at least curse less. Ask myself if the statement REALLY need that extra oomph of point?
  • Exercise more. Don’t just ride the couch all evening. Get up and move around! Even if its just straightening up the room. MOVE.
  • Try new recipes. Healthy recipes.
  • Drink more water.
    Bokeh Fun
  • Cut back on the caffeine.
  • No gossiping.

No, I’m not doing ALL of these. But maybe I can take a bit from here and there on this list. Maybe I should just resolve to “do better” and “make fewer excuses.” No matter what, I want to better myself.

What ideas do you have? What are you planning to do for Lent this year?

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  1. I’ve done the alcohol thing- took it to 10 weeks actually. I was rather proud of that. I quit soda once, too, and I’ve honestly never really gone back. I used soda only as a mixer after that. This year my resolve is to only visit Facebook once a day. No time limit, but just once- definitely not the multiple times I check it these days. Phone in the purse thing I’ve really tried to do the past couple months. No one should ever be jealous my phone. :-X The one I’ve stuck with consistently is being aware. Present. Here and now, not yesterday or tomorrow. My thought’s have definitely been healthier once I got into that habit. :)
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