Five on Friday: 2014 Goals Update #2

On January 1st, I listed out my goals for 2014. I thought I’d take a moment to see how I’m doing on a few of goals as of the beginning of March.  (See my February update HERE.)

1. Write a letter every month of the year.  I sent my husband a Valentine, since we spent that holiday apart.

 I love you more than...

2. Get my passport. I finally researched how much it will cost, what forms I need, and where I need to go to send off my passport request. Since I believe step one should always be to do your homework, I feel like I took a good step forward!

3. Bookkeeping. Well after two great computer crashes within a month, this got held back a bit. But I finally got my Quicken up and running and rockin’. Now I just gotta figure out my Excel situation so I can get my bill pay spreadsheet back up and running.

4. Photography. Decided I would start a Lent Photo-A-Day. Granted this started in March, but I made my plan on what I was doing. Also, I went to a concert with friends and got some great concert photos! It gave me a great opportunity to tinker with my newest camera, long lens and different lighting. I was pleased with many of the shots I got!

 Jack Ingram @ RodeoHouston

5.Get back to what I weighed at my wedding. Well, I definitely lost weight last month. But by the end of the month, I plateaued. I’ve been holding steady just above my “comfortable” weight. So you know what that means? Its time to up the exercise a bit. I’ll definitely do that this month!

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  1. Nice update on your goals :) I won’t be getting back to my wedding weight this year… I’ll be VERY happy to not go over 200lbs. LOL

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