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When a meal brings back a memory…

img_20161205_224428.jpgI’m not participating in NaBloPoMo through BlogHer this month, but I am trying to blog every day on my own. Here it is the end of the day and I am totally blank on ideas of what to write about…

Today’s prompt on NaBloPoMo is, “What dish transports you to a different place and time in your life?”

We often talk about how a song can bring back a memory. Or maybe a smell. But you don’t really think about how a dish can do the same thing.

This prompt is so fitting at this time of year. It seems like there are so many dishes that come across the table that take me back to Christmas meals surrounded by the family. And I swear Mom’s cornbread dressing could bring peace to all on earth. It’s my favorite thing.

It’s not just the holidays, though. I’ll order a meal that I had when out with friends, and those memories will come back. Perhaps that’s a huge reason why I am such a loyal customer to Freebirds Burritos. It reminds me of college days.

Any time I eat at Thai Phooket in Nashville, I think about getting together with the original two Road Widow members to talk about what that blog could some day be… going from just a blog to a community of women leaning on one another.

I love thinking about this… how food can trigger a memory. But. It’s also making me hungry!  Time to go find a snack…

Enjoy your food

When I saw what this month’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) theme is, I knew I had to participate.


Dec 3: What food always makes you feel happy while you’re eating it?

I’m not an emotional eater. If I’m stressed I’m actually more likely NOT going to eat. Now boredom? I’ll eat out of boredom all the time.

I will admit though, I do enjoy eating good food. I am most definitely guilty of posting pictures of my food on social media. Because, well, eating can and does make me happy.

Among my favorite happy foods are:

– Moms’s cornbread dressing.
– crawfish!
– a huge salad jam packed with goodies. I am always on the hunt for a great chef salad.
Рa Whataburger hamburger with cheese, bacon and jalape̱os.
Рcreamy jalape̱o dip from Chuys.
– deviled eggs.
– a sausage burger from Greens Sausage House in Zabcikville, TX.
– kolaches.
– Freebirds burrito.
– barbecue.

I could go on and on… But my most happiest food? Anything shared with family and friends around the table, where we sit talking long after the food is gone. That ALWAYS makes me happy.

Though Whataburger… Man… Mmmmm…

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