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It’s my birthday

I’m 28-years-old today. Not really one of those “milestone” birthdays, but I happen to think every birthday is special. It’s not a date to dread or to avoid. It’s a date to celebrate a life, and a date to look forward to the next year.

This birthday, I hit it super lucky. I’m getting to spend my birthday with my family. It so happened that it worked out for my husband and me to take a few days and visit my family for both birthdays and holidays in one fell swoop. I just happened to be lucky enough to be with my family ON my birthday!

Most notable for me, though, is the fact that for the first time ever, I’m spending my birthday with my husband. Every year prior to this he’s been on the road for my birthday. It’s the way of the road. Things don’t stop for birthdays or anniversaries. However, that just makes the birthdays, etc. that you get to spend together all the more fun and special. And that is this year… He’s with me on my day. And that alone is present in itself.

Blog musings, 9/11, Ike and Switzerland

I’d really like to give this blog a lot more attention. The problem is that my whole original angle is far too narrow. So I think I’m going to continue to open up topics and just see where it goes. Sometimes its best to let something grow on its own and not fight it.

As I write this, I am watching a History Channel show about 9/11. Seven years later I still feel emotions welling up inside of me. How much this country and world have changed in the last seven years since these events. And on such a smaller scale, how much my own life has changed since then.

Since then, we’ve had/have war in response to 9/11 and circumstances surrounding it. We had Hurricane Katrina, which brought about a new respect for Mother Nature and its power. And as we look back on a man-made disaster, my focus is now on Hurricane Ike churning in the Gulf of Mexico and heading for Texas. I worry for my family and friends that are in the direct line of the storm.

I’m going about life, though, as normal. What else CAN I do at this point? Yes, I am worried. Yes, I am taking time to pause and reflect. But ultimately, I have to push forward and continue to live my life. I have to continue to keep my focus on today. Enjoy today. Enjoy the moment.

My husband is in Switzerland right now for a music festival. It’s been strange not talk to him at all the last several days, relying on email to communicate when we can. We always at least say good night before bed! (Maybe that’s why my sleep schedule is so far off.)

I know he’s having a wonderful time, and I keep telling him that he must come back with LOTS of pictures and maybe a souvenir or two. I sure wish I were there as well! I must get my passport soon so if this ever happens again, I CAN go.

But, I myself have been keeping busy doing this and that. Dinner with friends was awesome, for example. I’ve also been taking care of those little things that you just never have time to do. And I do admit, I’ve taken time to be a little lazy as well, but that pretty much is counter productive to my goal: make the time pass faster until he is back home.

Right now, I have laundry stacked up on the other couch waiting to be put away, and I have a small list of errands to run tomorrow at some point. And, like I said before… I’ll also be watching Ike closely. There’s nothing I can do about it, but I’ll be watching nonetheless.

*disclaimer: this entry took about three hours to type between laundry loads, watching TV and chatting on-line. I apologize if its disjointed and has no real flow. I’ll do better next time.*