Get your stuff in order!

When I was in college, my adviser loved me. Not because I was that stand out golden child student, but because any time I went to see her I had pretty much already done her job.

I am all about being as prepared as possible. I am all about doing my homework and going into things with most of my questions already answered, but needing confirmation. I am all about keeping things neat (uhm, professionally… don’t anyone look at my desk or under the bed…) and in order. So when I went in to be advised before a new semester, I already had my degree plan filled out, classes selected, and a game plan typed up. All she really ever had to do was look it over and go, “Oh okay.” and maybe put me into those classes that required an adviser’s approval for admittance.

Similarly, I remember when my girlfriends and I went on a road trip weekend. I made sure I had maps, hotel confirmation numbers, addresses, phone numbers, etc. all in a folder. I made sure at least my parents had every single one of my friend’s cell phone numbers just in case of an emergency. They knew where we were going to be, what route we were taking, and what hotels we were staying at… I felt completely responsible for all of my friend’s lives, and I took it very seriously. I had every thing imaginable written down and mapped out ahead of time.

Perhaps most recently, when I had to meet with a lawyer a year and a half ago, I researched what they could possibly need, and I walked in their offices with 90% of the documents they were going to ask me for in hand. The last 10% I got to them within two days, equally in order and laid out for them to use as the needed. The lawyer was more than a little bit floored by all of this.

And that, my dear reader, is what brings me to this blog today.

The fact that someone laying this out neatly and plainly should not be a surprise, in my mind. At the very least, in a professional sense.

As I’ve been helping my parents with tax season, I’ve been reminded day in and day out that I am in the minority, apparently. The condition people bring their information in astounds me sometimes. I had one today that had important information printed on the back of an old email, and other information front-and-back, crooked on one side and upside down on the other.

Now I will admit, there are some that make me smile. Specifically cases where its new parents and their paperwork may have crayon scribbles. THOSE make me smile and chuckle.

But seriously. Much like how we dress can portray how professional we are, our paperwork left at a professional’s office is a representation of who we are as professionals ourselves. I don’t expect people to be as, “OMG I have to lay all this out perfectly and make sure its all perfect” as I am with things. I gotta say, there are times I probably take it a big far. But I DO wish people would step back and think, “Would I want someone to hand this to me and expect me to decipher it?” It’s that easy. “Good enough,” just might not be. “This represents me,” however, is.


Weekly Winners (March 11 – 17)

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I feel human again! In fact, I feel downright GOOD. Sickness is gone! YAY!

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Rediscovering a love for music

I’ve grown terribly cynical about music in the last several years. That happens when you’re just close enough to the industry to realize it is often like beating your head against a brick wall over and over again. Amazing songs and singers are over looked every day for one reason or another.

I had a discussion on Twitter just today in which I begged someone to not judge the Nashville music scene based only on what they hear on the radio. The Nashville music scene is truly amazing if you’re willing to really delve into it. There are incredibly talented singers and songwriters working for tips — or for free sometimes — for the love of the music.

The music you love. The industry and business side can get frustrating.

As such, I’ve grown cynical. I spend much of my time listening to the radio by hitting seek or skip. Its never what I am looking for… even as I couldn’t begin to tell you what I want any more.

The TV in my room here in Texas went out a couple weeks ago. I turn it on, and within seconds it turns itself off. So no more late night TV watching. Instead, I’ve had to turn to music to fill the silence. Spotify has become a favorite program, and it’s let me start discovering that there’s still good music being made. And that my old favorites are still very much loved.

I spent about an hour just last night tinkering with a playlist. It reminded me of making mix CDs in college. I stopped often to dance around my room… just like I used to do. It felt GREAT. I was rediscovering my love for music! It was amazing. And I am grateful for it. Forget the industry. Forget the behind-the-scenes stuff. Just enjoy the music. Just let go and jam out.

That just needs one word: AWESOME.

The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…