Five on Friday: Why so quiet?

I’ve been MIA for a week. Why?

1. I had my parents in town and decided to play tourist in my own city for a few days.


2. Helping organize a golf tournament fundraiser. I don’t know a damn thing about golf, but I like helping good causes and I love being an Aggie. So representing my school with this fundraiser has been win/win/win.

3. Sleep. I thought that might be a good thing to get sometimes.

4. Spending time with my husband seeing friends play downtown and do showcases. I’d insert a picture here but I haven’t had time to do anything with them. So sadness, no photo.

5. Work. Picked up an extra night bartending this week. Which. I better go shower so I can go to do that right now!


Five on Friday: August Goals

Oh okay, fine. Its actually Saturday and I’m a day late for Five on Friday. I was off living life and enjoying having company. I won’t apologize, I’ll just play catch up here.


1. Fitness. I have to have my yearly check-up at the doctor’s office at the end of this month. So my goal for that is to have great blood pressure, weigh around 150 (less would rock, but I won’t be greedy), and just feel good about the state of my health in general. Oh I’m not worried about it in general now, but I could do better. Exercise a little more. Watch what I eat a little more careful. Baby steps. August is a good month for it.

2. Work. A web-site complete, a business card complete, and a whole new logo for another business. All these things completed and new projects on my plate. That is my goal.

3. Photography. HAVE MY PHOTOGRAPHY SITE DONE. It’s about time, right?

4. Travel plans. I have some traveling to do coming up. I want to have all that planned out, figured out, and set up and off my to do list.

5. Smell the roses. Doing that already. I have a busy month ahead, but I need to take time to enjoy life. Take hubby’s motorcycle out. Go for rides. Spend time with friends and family. LIVE.


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