Making it Happen Monday: Knowing when to cry uncle

I have a lot on my plate in this moment. Half of these things will be over by the end of this week. (Thank heavens!) The many projects are a labor of love for me — benefits for wonderful causes — but they have also been a great source of stress at the same time.

Last week, I let the blog lie dormant. My hits took a serious, well, hit, and I don’t like being out of the loop in my reader’s minds. But for my own sanity, something had to give. I had to “cry uncle” somewhere. Unfortunately, this blog was the thing to fall by the wayside.

Sometimes to make things happen, you have to admit you can’t do it all. Sometimes you also just have to stop for awhile. Stop throwing yourself against the wall. Stop beating yourself up for not getting it all done. Just. Stop.

We’re all human. We have only so many hours in a day. We can only be one place at a time. Sometimes… sometimes the best way to make things happen is to not do it at all for a little while.




Five on Friday: Why so quiet?

I’ve been MIA for a week. Why?

1. I had my parents in town and decided to play tourist in my own city for a few days.


2. Helping organize a golf tournament fundraiser. I don’t know a damn thing about golf, but I like helping good causes and I love being an Aggie. So representing my school with this fundraiser has been win/win/win.

3. Sleep. I thought that might be a good thing to get sometimes.

4. Spending time with my husband seeing friends play downtown and do showcases. I’d insert a picture here but I haven’t had time to do anything with them. So sadness, no photo.

5. Work. Picked up an extra night bartending this week. Which. I better go shower so I can go to do that right now!


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