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Snap. Click. Enter.

I entered my first photo contest tonight.

And I’m a little wigged out by that fact.

Motorcycle reflectionI usually find out about contests after the fact, so I’ve missed out on every possible contest for the last year. When my husband found this contest in a local news magazine, I vowed I’d enter. The parameters were pretty wide open, leaving 90% of my photos as potential entries. My biggest problem was knowing that this publication tends to walk on the quirky side. My favorite photos are much more straight forward, making me hesitate to even think I have a chance.

However, I stand behind my images. I really love the five photos I submitted, and I want so badly to at least make the top 30 (which would get me into the reader voting part of the contest).  Being my first contest, that alone would make me very excited. I want to win, of course! But I’d happily take making the top 30. I would.

Deadline to enter is February 1st, so I still have about a week until I know anything. I’m going to try really hard to ignore the submissions and pretend they aren’t out there at all. I’m going to try to avoid reloading the pages and my email the day the next round is announced.

Try, of course, being the operative word.

Ahhh!!! I can’t believe I really entered… fingers crossed, everyone!