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Five on Friday: Random things from the week

Five random musings from the last week…

1.  My husband got a new keyboard, thanks to his brand new endorsement. He’s like a kid at Christmas! I stressed over this purchase, even though I knew he needed it. Now that its done, I’m SO thankful everything came together to make it happen. Exciting times!

2. Checked out Soulshine Pizza Factory here in Nashville, finally. Its only been open six months, and its been on my “wishlist” ever since it opened. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a pizza and beer on the patio upstairs. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for good food and a fun vibe in Nashville! (Or their three other locations in Mississippi.)

Soulshine decor
Soulshine decor

3.  I broke my go-to pot lid this week. I know its such a dumb thing to blog about, but this truly bummed me out. It was that lid that fit multiple pots, so I used it all the time. It happened in slow motion. I set it on the counter, but I guess it wasn’t flat. It slid. I couldn’t get to it. It shattered. We’re still finding glass shards days after… the latest in my husband’s foot last night. Le sigh.

4. I’ve decided that about 70% of accidents could be avoided if people used and/or respected turn signals, and 98% of road rage could be avoided the same way. I made those percentages up, of course, but this week’s top driving frustrations (or riding as a passenger) all came from people not using their turn signals or people ignoring ours. They’re standard equipment on cars… USE THEM.

5. This has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had so far this year… and next week is almost the same. I thought May would slow down after I got out of school, and before I’d have school-age kids. Nope! It’s perpetually a busy month.