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Saturday night ghost stories

My schedule is irregular enough that the only shows I watch semi-regularly are ones I don’t have to see every week to follow any sort of storyline. I have certain nights I like better than others, but if I’m not home to see something, its not a big deal.

Saturday night is one of those nights that I actually like to watch TV. Yeah, yeah, yeah… its the night to go out for most people. For me, I tend to avoid downtown Nashville on Saturdays. I prefer to go out on weeknights,so good TV is a must for me on that night.

Biography channel shows ghost story shows on Saturday nights. And I’m pretty addicted. I think I’ve seen every episode of every show they have on that night, but I don’t care. I still tune in to get that creeped out rush that you get from spooky stories.

I read ghost books as a teen, and I still get a total kick out of them. I don’t really want to meet a ghost personally (I do believe they exist, though, and I’ve had a few “weird” things happen), but hearing/reading the stories of those who HAVE? Its kind of like crack to me. It hooked.

I get that weird tingle in the back of my neck that will go down my spine, leaving me with goosebumps all over my arms. Then I go to bed and cover my head, kicking myself for watching such nonsense. But it never fails. If I am home on Saturday night, I am tuned into Bio, freaking myself out.

But, like I said, I think I’ve seen every episode they have at this point. So here it is Saturday night. I’m tuned in to Bio, and I am wondering… do any of my readers have a good ghost story to share with me??