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What does it mean to be THIRTEEN??

Today is my nephew’s 13th birthday… I am not a poet, but I tried on my poetic shoes for his birthday. So a poem for my nephew:

What does it mean to be THIRTEEN????

What does it mean to be thirteen?
It’s more than an age,
It’s a new world to be seen.

It’s an age of excitement.
It’s an age of confusion.
It’s an age in which everything just seems an illusion!

On October 12, 1997,
You came into this world.
A gift to us all, one that came straight from heaven.

So precious and so small,
There you were in your Dad’s arms.
“Hey everybody,” he said, “Meet Cody Paul.”

We all ooh’d and ahh’d,
Each straining to see,
This little miracle of life, a gift straight from God.

“I wonder what he’ll be,”
was a question we asked.
That’s something we all must wait to see.

Oh the things we would teach you,
From books and from life.
Why the grass is so green and why sometimes we feel blue.

We would stop and explain.
With every, “What’s that?”
Not just for your knowledge, but for ours just the same.

There’s a truth you should know.
It is you who is the teacher,
Every day and every moment, you’ve helped us all to grow.

Your optimism, your drive,
Your smile and laughter,
You’ve quite simply just made us all more alive.

Along came a sister,
And I’ll always remember.
“Why do they want HER,” you asked in a whisper.

But in HER you have a friend,
One who cares and defends.
She’ll stand by your side, her loyalty won’t bend.

Your mom and your dad,
Grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles.
We are all so proud of you. You are such an awesome lad!

So here you are thirteen,
And I ask the question again:
Thirteen?? What on earth does it mean!?

It means a lot,
A lot to us all.
You’re getting older, whether we like it or not.

You are now THIRTEEN,
Enjoy it every second.
And don’t stop to think twice about what it might mean.

Live, laugh and love.
Every second, every day.
Gather strength, faith and hope, from the big man above.

We are all so very proud,
And we love you so much.
Happy Birthday, dear Cody, we shout that out loud!!!