August Blog Wrap-up

Another month draws to an end, bringing us even closer to year end. School has started, signaling the end of summer. I’ve found Sam Adams Oktoberfest on tap and in the stores, signifying Fall’s approach and it elicited squeals of delight from me. (It’s my favorite seasonal brew!) Pre-season football has already taken to the airwaves, and tailgaters are making lists of things needed for the best game day festivities.

Here at Musician’s Widow, August has brought the best blog stats yet, and I thank everyone for the support and reading. I can proudly say I successfully posted every day this month, and I plan to continue that trend forward. It feels good to tackle the challenge of a new post every day, and I think its become enough of a habit and need that it won’t be any trouble keeping it up.

I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my stats for August:

Just over 1,075 page views.

Other than my Home and About Me pages, specific blog posts with the most hits include:

Music business techniques that can be applied in other businesses
Show Stories – Groupie?

At-home pampering

The most common search terms that landed visitors to this blog include:

music business
nashville tennessee cma fest crowd downtown
i love school supplies

Weekly Winners will continue, as well as Show Stories. I already have a lot of blog posts in mind to come soon! Goal for September is to continue increasing my page views and blog popularity.

Thank you to everyone for any feedback you’ve given to me, and I welcome more to post comments. Feedback teaches me what people like and don’t like, but it is also like food for the writer’s soul. I welcome dialogue, and I am always open for suggestions on posts! Is there something you’d like for me to explain and discuss in here? Feel free to let me know! And, again, thanks!!

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Dog vs Cat -- a scene from my house this weekend

This last weekend I had both a dog and a cat in my house. Growing up, I always considered myself a “dog person” with a dislike for cats. That dislike probably came more from others not liking cats than any real opinion of my own, because once I got my first cat… I began to discover a “cat person” in myself.

This weekend confirmed the transformation was complete. I am without a doubt a cat person.

A cat you can leave for a day without any concern. As long as they have food, water, a litter box and maybe a toy or two, they’re good to go. Self-sufficient, they are. A dog, though, you have to take out and walk. There’s no leaving them for more than a few hours! I also discovered a need for constant attention. This is just something I can’t do working from home. Working Friday ended up being a total bust, and I chalked it up to a life lesson kind of a day.

Anyone who knows me, though, knows those life lesson days usually end up with my doing research and learning about whatever phenomenon I’ve run into. So, I did a quick Google search for “dog or cat personalities” and stumbled upon an article summarizing research done by the (*gulp*) University of Texas in Austin into this exact idea — a difference in the personalities of dog and cat owners.

The article found:

  • Dog people were generally about 15 percent more extraverted, 13 percent more agreeable and 11 percent more conscientious than cat people.
  • Cat people were generally about 12 percent more neurotic and 11 percent more open than dog people.

So, based on those findings, I’m neurotic, disagreeable, not very conscientious and open. Makes perfect sense to me. Describes me to a T.

Or not.

For me, being a cat person is more about the fact that I want a pet companion, but my schedule is just not structured enough to have a dog. I need a pet that I can snuggle with now and then (especially when the husband is on the road), but that I can also not have to worry about being upended by a sudden change in plans. (Plus, if I am gone for a few days, I only have to worry about finding someone to check the cat every other day at most, versus a friend having to make a daily commitment to the task.) Yes, I want the protection that only a dog can provide, but ultimately the frustration I’ve felt having to care for a dog has made that want a little less important. I’ll stick with my checking the locks every night, keeping a head’s up about my surroundings, and just using my head in every situation in front of me.

So, hello world. I’m Denise. I am a cat person.

(I can hear my brother groaning now.)