Welcome to Friday, August 13, 2010. Yes, folks, its Friday the 13th.

So in honor of the day, a look at the number 13.

  • Taylor Swift’s lucky number. [mtv]
  • The first of the teens.
  • A movie that came out on March 13 of this year. [imdb]
  • If written too close together, can look like the letter B.
  • A public media provider based out of New York City. [THIRTEEN]
  • A chapter of bankruptcy in America that lets its filers reorganize their debts. [US Courts]
  • Number or original colonies making up what became the United States of America. [Wikipedia]
  • Comes after 12 and before 14.
  • Number of players in a rugby league team. [Wikipedia]
  • Number of cards in each suit of a deck of cards. [Wikipedia]
  • Is a prime number.
  • A bakers dozen. [Wikipedia]
  • File that refers to a trash can. [Wikipedia]

There’s thirteen references to the number thirteen.

Do you have any fun 13 facts to share??

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