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Yesterday, Brittany over at Living in the Moment (Which happens to be one of my absolute favorite blogs! If you’ve not started reading it yet, now would be an excellent time to do. Trust me on this one, kay?) tagged me to receive the blog award Versatile Blogger.

I honored to be in her list! THANK YOU!!

Now, for the steps of this award:

Share 7 things about yourself.

1) I am planning to write a book about the history of Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville. I have a serious love for that Alley and the history of it just makes me light up to hear. I’ve looked and looked, and I’ve never found a book written specifically about the Alley. I already have several contacts to interview about it. All I need to do is write my book pitch and, the hard part, find someone interested in publishing it.

2) I have two things I battle almost constantly: tooth aches and sinus problems. The tooth aches are from my deep dislike for the dentist, not to mention the sheer expense of dental work. The sinus problems just are what they are. Fall is always the worst, so brace yourself for an extreme amount of whining in the next few months about my not being able to breathe.

3) I play FarmVille on Facebook. My secret is out. Please forgive me! But, I like how it makes me think and balance time spans in the game, and as silly as it sounds… its just plain fun. Time consuming, yes, but hence the balancing time spans. The goal is to always make it such that I play in my downtime, not when it would take me away from my work.

4) I’ve become a total penny pincher. If I do buy myself something frivolous, like today I bought a couple flowers for my front steps, it has to be on sale. Or I have to have a coupon. Coupons are my friends. I’m not as good at the coupon clipping as some people are, but there is a level of satisfaction seeing a significant number under “money saved” at the bottom of a receipt.

5) Labor Day means MDA Telethon. My nephew has muscular dystrophy, and as such MDA is an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. They do wonderful, wonderful things and Labor Day is their biggest fundraiser for the whole year. While many people are out on the lake, etc. I’m watching that total raise, often with tears in my eyes. My nephew is an amazing kid teen, and I am prouder of him than I could ever put into words. Labor Day is a big day for anyone and everyone touched by muscular dystrophy, and I am looking forward to it!

6) My toenails are always painted, but my fingernails are never painted. Well, except for clear. I don’t know why, but its just something with me. I might go a day or two without polish on my toenails, but its only if I am staying home and will probably be wearing socks at all times. It just BUGS me to not have them painted! As for my fingernails, I just don’t like chipped polish, and I can’t go a day without chipping my nail polish. So I just opt to not wear polish at all.

7) I haaaaate making phone calls. There must be a name for that fear, because I literally will get a knot in my stomach and sweaty palms before making a phone call. Well, when I call anyone besides my husband or my parents. As such, I’m a total text message addict. It avoids my phone fear. Anytime I DO make a phone call, I get a sense of accomplishment. I did it! I beat my fear! Yay! But it comes back every time I pick up the phone. Its crazy. I know. But it is what it is.

Pass this award on to 15 bloggers who you love, think are fantastic or have recently discovered.

1) If Mom Says OK — Gotta love Tara… found her via Weekly Winners; I love all her posts and she’s awesome to follow on Twitter as well.

2) Boy Blessings — Follow the story of a Mom whose son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The same type my nephew has.

3) Just One Miss — I always enjoy her posts and point of view.

4) Lesley’s Blog — I’ve literally know Lesley since she was born. She doesn’t post much, but when she does, she always amazes me the type of strong woman she’s grown up to be.

5) Way More Homemade — Recipes and she’s an Aggie. How could I not love this!?

6) Life Ain’t Always Beautiful — A mom. A country music fan. An all around very cool lady. Go say Hi to Missy!

7) Just Malia — A fellow Nashvillian! I love reading about the perspective of others in my city!

8) Milk Breath and Margaritas — While I am on a Nashville run, Amy is also editor of the Relationships Channel of Blissfully Domestic, which I write for. Besides, how can you not love a blog with such a cool title?

9) Newlyweds Next Door — I only just recently found this blog, and what I’ve read so far, I love!

10) Not Quite What I Had Planned — One of my favorite Weekly Winners ladies, her blog has pulled me in time and time again.

11) Nashville Musician’s Survival Guide — Eric is a friend of my husbands. I only just learned of his blog this week, but I am so enjoying it. Anyone reading my blog mostly for my behind the scenes posts to the music industry would be smart to check Eric’s blog out, too.

12) Matty Thoughts — I keep forgetting to visit Matty on a regular basis, but whenever I have made it over there, I’ve enjoyed his blog thoroughly. He’s given me wonderful feedback on my blog and for that I am grateful.

13) The Mama of Mojo — I follow her on Twitter and absolutely love her tweets. Is it not expected that I’d also love her blog?

14) The Young and The Relentless — Another blogger I found via Twitter, if I recall. Great life blog.

15) i am lotus — aka Sarcastic Mom. Blogger I quite frankly have a blogger-crush on… which might be weird since her husband and my husband have been friends for years. Even weirder to say I’ve never met Lotus in person. But I think I’m in blogger-love. Now, I just hope I haven’t scared her off for life with this. ;)

7 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger”

  1. Oh my goodness. I wasn’t expecting this when I clicked over here this morning. I was just looking for something fun to read while I was waking up with coffee. Thank You much. I’ll check out all of the links you shared and pass the award along as well.

    1. My pleasure!!! I’m terrible about leaving comments, but I do enjoy your blog!! I need to work on the comment-leaving-thing. Big time.

  2. Love the article and I wish I had more time and was a faster reader, I’d love to read all the blogs, but I’ll do my best to at least visit a couple of them. Hang in there with the sinus problems, I hear you all too well, I’m having my own battles these days. Keep up the good work, I’m loving this.

    1. Oh thank you… for what its worth, I try to hit all these blogs as I can. I don’t have enough time to read the mall as regularly as I’d like. But, I do so enjoy each and every one whenever I make it over to get caught up.

  3. Hey Denise, first of all, congrats on the versatile blogger award.

    Secondly, I think your idea about a book on printers alley is outstanding. There is a lot of unique history there. When you start digging into it you will probably learn that Jimi Hendrix played gigs regularly in the alley in the early 60s, years before anybody knew who he was. I’m sure that the history of the alley is full of great stories.

    Just a thought about your “getting it published quandary” – why not consider self-publishing? I am in the process of writing a book about the Nashville music industry “The Nashville Musician Survival Guide” and when I first started out I was looking for a publisher. After much research I concluded that self-publishing for this project was a better option. This leaves me in full artistic control of my project, I retain ownership of it, and I will have a much higher profit margin per book sold. One of the things I learned in my research was that traditional book publishing deals provide literally no marketing or advertising, especially for first-time authors. The only thing a book publishing deal really has to offer is the assembly of the book, and distribution, leaving the marketing up to the author. As bloggers, we are already building readerships that will potentially buy these books. Just food for thought.

    And lastly, thanks for mentioning my blog in your top 15 list.

    1. I was happy to list you!! I get a lot of hits (according to my site stats) from people looking for a behind the scenes look at a musicians life. When Craig told me about yours, I had to add it in my list… I’m trying to make it over at least every other day to look for new entries. I enjoy your posts and its fun to see things in another camp. There’s so many things that are constants between camps, but every group has its own quirks that take awhile to get used to when you’re new.

      I will definitely look into self publishing. I had a prof in college who had a self-published book and he praised the ability to do that heavily. I wish I’d taken more notes on it, now!!

      I am VERY excited about your book, by the way. Its long overdue to have something like that written and available. If you ever need another pair of eyes in editing, feel free to let me know! Like I said, I’m excited for it for you and would be happy to help in any way I can.

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