Lighting the last candle

For the last few weekends, I’ve lit a virtual Advent wreath here on my blog. Week one represented Hope. Week two represented Peace. Week three represented Joy. This final weekend represents Love.

Lighting the last candle means Christmas is less than a week away. Or, in this case, its exactly a week away. I’m ready for it. I wish I were MORE ready, meaning I wish I’d have been able to do more leading up to the holiday to get into the spirit. I seem to be constantly falling in and out of the spirit, depending on the day. This last week I was sick, and most definitely not focused on Christmas through that! But here in this moment, as I write this, I am back in the mood. I am ready for it. Excited for it. Looking forward to it.

So here I light this last candle, virtually atleast.

Week 5: LOVE

Its hard to talk about love, because love is something you feel. Its something you experience. Its both a verb and a noun. It’s considered the greatest of all things…

Love life. Love each other. Live your life with love in your heart. Enter this season with love, for it is out of love that this most blessed of holidays exists. As you feel yourself filled with stress of to do lists, shopping, decorating and travel, remember to love one another. For it is out of love that everyone will experience the wonder of Christmas to its fullest.

And now abide faith, hope, and love, these three, but the greatest is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

2 thoughts on “Lighting the last candle”

  1. I just lite my last candle this morning with our breakfast and it looked so lovely. One week and I plan to make it the best week I can. I love that you did this. We shared the lighting of our candles together and it made all the more special. Yes Love is the greatest; we can decorate, bake, shop and we are nothing without Love. Thank you for doing this and I am looking forward to our Christmas 2010 here. I hope you will remember Christmas in Cameron more for this year than you will all the packing to move. Love you and counting down the days.

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