Musician’s Widow’s Day Before (and On) Christmas

‘Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the house,
Everyone was stirring, even Bailey with his fake mouse.

The stockings were hung on the wall with special care,
In hopes that the whole family soon would be there;

The gifts were all wrapped under the tree,
While we all sat and wondered what each one could be;

And Mom baking in the kitchen, and Dad making lunch,
Craig and I snacked on goodies, we had a whole bunch,

When midnight approached, we all dressed up and got ready,
It came time for my favorite tradition, one that has always been steady.

Away to the church we drove through the night,
It was time for midnight mass, it simply felt right!

The moon on the sheen from the much needed rain,
Gave the world a clean look, especially our lane,

When at mass we read the true Christmas story,
The one about Jesus birth and God’s glory!

Christmas hymns were all sung,
And tolling bells, they were rung.

Christmas day had arrived under bright twinkling stars,
And in a joyful, yet hushed silence we all went to our cars.

Back home we all went after giving the season’s meaning pause,
And somewhere deep down we all still believed in Santa Claus!

After mass we had a snack to tide us over until morning,
We knew there was no way the next day could be boring!

The tree would remain lit into the night,
It helped to make all in the world just seem right.

For the magic of Christmas gives a sparkle and a twinkle,
And at this point nothing could bring to the heart a single wrinkle.

For the meaning of the season is not in the retail,
Its all in the making of a whole new memory and tale!

For its family and friends, moments and mistakes,
All those things that make you laugh, for goodness sakes!

The smile of a child and the love in your heart,
We all take a moment, we all must take part.

So as we lie our heads down to sleep and welcome the day,
You’re never too old to be excited in a big way!

Memories from childhood mingle with those made anew,
To dance in your head as dreams with a vivid bright hue.

Christmas day arrives, and excitement glows in your eyes,
And the table is covered in turkey, potatoes and pies.

Big hugs all around as family comes over,
And the gifts under the tree even more seems to run over!

Eat as fast as you can while you enjoy every bite,
After hours of cooking, it all tastes just right.

Then around the tree we all gather for a few pics,
Any imperfect ones will just have to wait to be fixed.

For the anticipation has just become far too great,
There are presents open, it almost feels too late!

First the kids open gifts and as they ooh and ahh,
There’s a happiness there that has been too long since we saw.

Then the adults take their turn to open presents,
Practical to funny from siblings and parents,

In those moments we all once again turn five,
Feeling so very alive!

As the paper is cleaned up and deftly thrown away,
We look around and, in our hearts, we record all about this day.

And before we all leave, for the end of the day is all too near,
“Merry Christmas,” we say, “And a Happy New Year!”

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  1. I really loved this – even moved to tears in a few places. Beautiful. :) Save this. Frame it. Put it up on the wall every holiday season. :)

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