A year of beginnings

Going into this year, I said time and time again how the new year had to be better than the last. Moving would be forcing us to make big changes, and it would also give us a new place from which to leap into the year.

Here we are, 12 days into the new year, and as I talk to friends (or as I skim Facebook) I find that a strong majority of my friends and family are also using 2011 for new beginnings.

I know of at least four weddings this year, if not five. I know of several pregnancies. Friends are also packing up and making big moves. Still others are looking for new jobs. Some have even opted to go back to school.

Everywhere I look, I see everyone with something new… even if its simply a new life motto. It’s almost as if we all took 2010 to try to “fix” things, while 2011 is instead a reboot for us all.

As I look around me, I still see so very many problems in my country and in the world. But I’ve always believed big change happens after individual changes are made. It only takes a spark to start a fire, after all.

And perhaps, instead of trying to fix problems, or instead of looking at the big picture and how “dismal” things are (because, c’mon, last year we looked at the big picture a LOT with government deficits, etc.), if we all just take the initiative to fix things individually and internally, we can start to see some changes to the big picture. Even a forest grows one tree at a time, after all.

I don’t know! Maybe my optimistic self is starting to bounce back these days, but I am really feeling hopeful for this year. Not just for myself, but for all of my friends and family. For everyone who is making changes, no matter how big or how small. Dream your dreams. Make your new goals. Make those crazy changes you’ve been afraid to make. You’ll never know what kind of positive change it could be until you try.

6 thoughts on “A year of beginnings”

  1. I, too, look forward to many personal changes in 2011. I was informed a few days ago that our landlord has decided to sell the house we live in. Instead of being upset about it, I embraced it as potential for positive change. The three of us have been looking for a new place and we have an appointment this afternoon to look at a house out in the country.

    Also, I am planning on going back to school myself as soon as we get our living arrangements in place. I want to get into a good Visual Arts program. I could use your input on that one!

    I totally agree with your “individual change” thinking! If everyone strives to do just a little better for themselves in 2011, it will make a huge impact on the “big picture”! We can’t sit around waiting for government to change things – we must each do our part to pick up and move on from whatever setbacks we have suffered.

    Thank you, Denise, for the inspiration and motivation to do great things in the New Year, and I wish you and all your readers the best of luck in 2011!!

    1. OH MY!! Good luck to you guys! Similar situation we were in as well, then. Let us know if we can help in any way. Great way to approach it, though, with a positive attitude. I hope it works out for you guys as well as it has for us!

      And thanks so much… I’ll be happy to help with finding a Visual Arts program! I’d be tickled to do that!

      Hope to see you guys on Friday! Cant wait to hear how the house works out.

  2. This definitely sums up the mindset of so many people I know, including myself. I hope to look back on this entry at the end of the year and still have the hope and motivation and clarity you write about here.

  3. Thank you for the motivation. I had a hard time getting started this morning. I am just a bit more tired these at the end of these very busy days and I am feeling it more everyday. It can get discouraging. This was the lift needed. Keep up your writing and your positive attitude. Looking forward to more great posts.

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