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Why everyone should fly atleast once…

February 28th, 2011 No comments

Southwest in the airI set foot on a plane for the first time when I was 23 years old. Nervous, I listened intently to all the safety procedures. I wanted to know what to do should my plane crash… because, after all, that was guaranteed, right? It was in the fine print along with what it cost to change your tickets and the official airline peanut disclosure (the one notifying you the peanuts contained peanuts.)  Your first flight will crash.

Yeah… no. Didn’t happen (obviously) and in the years since I’ve become that passenger that sits down and opens a book. I might give a cursory glance at the flight attendants as they wave their arms and put the yellow life vest on… but I’ve heard it enough that I can practically say it with them.

I sometimes glance around me to see if I can see any first-timers listening to every word. I remember one flight where, during boarding, a mother ran ahead to take a picture of her daughter taking her first steps on a plane. It was half annoying, half amusing, half what-the-he….

Yes, three halves. Shut up.

The girl was a champ. Her first flight didn’t crash either.

So as I write this, once again I am somewhere between Tennessee and Texas. And as I gaze down at the clouds below us, I can’t help but think to myself… everyone should do this atleast once. Now, granted, if you battle claustrophobia, you might be the exception to my broad sweeping statement. But otherwise… you should do it. Yes, even you, Mr. Afraid-of-heights. That’s what aisle seats are for. Pbththth

But flying is an experience. If you dare and take an window seat, it makes you realize how small you really are in the grand scheme of this earth. As cars and trucks become like ants and the ground a huge quilt of fields, golf courses, houses and baseball diamonds, your own existence is realized as being one little piece of the world’s puzzle.

You encounter such a wide range of people when flying. The businessman, focused on the next big deal. The lover with a dreamy and excited look as they can’t wait to see their special someone (or with tears as they leave them). The family on vacation. The mother with a baby, hoping to not be THAT passenger that gives the entire cabin a headache. The Redneck. The socialite. The loudmouth. The child flying alone after a trip to see grandma (or a parent).

Flying gives you time to quiet your mind. Flying gives you time to read. Flying let’s you befriend a stranger (if you are so inclined.) Flying gives you… you time!

See, flying isn’t just about getting from point A to point B. It’s about the experience. Oh, sure, I’ve had bad experiences… a 7 hour delay (when I could have driven the trip in 3 hours). Terrible seat-mates. Rough landings. The time a woman REFUSED to trade seats so my husband and I could sit together on a 4 hour flight. A cabin full of junior high kids on a trip. Luggage concerns. Etc.

But on a whole, I take the good and shrug off the bad. I enjoy flying. A lot. I wish everyone else did, too, and I urge those non-flyers to try it sometime.

BTW — there isn’t really anything in any fine print about crashing. So stop looking for it and panicking. Sheesh!!

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Weekly Winners (Feb. 20 – 26)

February 27th, 2011 18 comments

Weekly Winners is a fun little thing bloggers do to showcase some of their favorite photos from the previous week. It is brought to you, me and everyone by the lovely Lotus, aka Sarcastic Mom. Visit her site and find all the participants. See some amazing photos brought to you by bloggers around the world. Leave a little love when you do — its like food for the soul!

Weekly Winners

A week at home in Nashville before flying back to Texas today…

103: Drinks with friends

Drinks with friends

Bus bumper reflection

Bus bumper refection

104: Rain on my window

Rain on my window

Video shoot in downtown

Video shoot downtown


Tip your bartender

105: Enjoying the music

Enjoying the music

106: Rolling into Nashville

Rolling into Nashville

Blue Moon at BWW

Blue Moon at BWW

109: Marry Me

Marry Me (I sure hope she said yes!)

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A knock on the head

February 25th, 2011 2 comments

Today wasn’t a good day for my husband. Oh, we found plenty of humor in his misfortunes, but to say his day went well would be a lie. Unfortunately, I am to blame for one of his day’s not so great moments… and it was the one that seemed to set the tone for the day.

We got up this morning, and headed for the kitchen. My husband started the coffee, and I started digging for clean bowls to pour us some cereal. After finally uprooting the bowls from the dishwasher (which meant putting other clean dishes away in the process), I headed to grab the box of cereal.

My husband was blocking the cabinet door, so I asked him to move and watch out so I wouldn’t hit him..

Instead, he spun around to hug me, and… I smacked him right in the side of the head with the cabinet door. It wasn’t exactly gentle, and it was with that ever-so-painful corner of the door. I felt TERRIBLE! I actually felt tears spring to my eyes when he said, “OW!” I started apologizing and trying to explain what happened.

He retreated from the kitchen saying he was, “in the way” and I sat down at the table and… burst into tears. Big, fat tears fell, and I found myself fighting them back knowing it was silly. He was okay! And… I had told him to move, after all!

My husband came back to find me sniffling . I wouldn’t even look at him. He finally asked me why I was crying.

“I don’t know!!!” I responded, still fighting not to sob all over again.

He started to laugh as he hugged me… which ended up making ME laugh. I asked him if I am like this when I’m just PMSing, what would I be like when we were pregnant? He found that amusing as well…

I’m glad he puts up with me and finds some of my more bizarre moments amusing. Even when the result in his having a nice bop to the head.

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Before they even know me

February 24th, 2011 2 comments

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Brilliant little line there. I suspect its been used to open countless other blog posts or even books. I suspect we’ve all reminded ourselves of this saying at some point, or we’ve pleaded with someone to be careful of this as well.

Don’t judge me before you know me.

The other day, my husband asked me if I had talked to a fellow music-industry person while we were out for the evening. I told him I hadn’t, but I’d seen them there. He asked why I hadn’t stopped to talk to them, since I’d been making the rounds to make sure I spoke to everyone while I am in town.

I told him it was because I’d gotten the vibe through other encounters that this person didn’t really like me. I said this person usually either clammed up or, often times, left all together when I’d make an extra effort to come say hello. So I opted, this time, to keep a wide berth of them as the night passed.

My husband was surprised. I can (generally) get along with anyone. I wasn’t going to lie and say it didn’t sting a little to have that distinct impression of dislike being sent my way. However, I was going to respect that fact and not make anyone uncomfortable.

I told my husband, “I have a suspicion that its the ‘musician’s wife’ thing. Maybe they’ve had bad experiences with wives and girlfriends on the road, and now they’re not going to give me even half a chance.” After a moment, my husband agreed that that might be the case.

Oh, I’m not going to throw stones nor pat myself on the back. I have my own moments when I find myself being THAT road wife… the one that is a little higher maintenance that normal. Its rare, but it does happen on occasion. Some wives, however, are just generally a little more high maintenance. Others you hardly know exist, they are so independent. I try to walk the line between the two… a little closer to independent, but not too close.

Anyway, I’m only making wild guesses, of course. But the end of the night, no matter what, I felt myself being judged for the cover title, versus for the content. And it stinks when that happens! We all do it, but hopefully we strive not to.

Do you have a time when you’ve felt yourself being judged before someone got to know you?


February 22nd, 2011 2 comments

I saw a challenge on Get In The Hot Spot to “write a blog post on your own blog about how you don’t fit in or what makes you unique.” (Blog post: 35 Ways I Don’t Fit In — Its really fun, go read it.) I know I’ve had my moments when I’ve felt like I didn’t fit in, so it certainly made me chew on what my own list would contain. So many things I feel are unique to me aren’t that unique when I really think about it… but I’ll give it my own shot. (However, due to today’s time constraints, my list will only be 20-items, versus 35.)

  1. I truly over think things. Like this list. Am I truly unique in this or not? I constantly try to see both sides of any issue, and I always want to be way more prepared than necessary. It’s never lead me astray to be over-prepared, but it’s also kept me from taking many days where I just “let it all go” and “live in the moment.”
  2. I looked forward to turning 30 since I was 18. I feel like my 30s will the best decade ever… and yet I am in total denial that I am now 30. Go figure.
  3. I’ve been in three wedding parties, not counting my own. And I will be in one more coming up.
  4. I love to plan parties. I will fuss and whine and complain while I do it, but when its over and done… I can’t wait to start planning the next one.
  5. I can’t understand anyone driving without a head’s up to what is going on around them. I seriously can NOT wrap my brain around the idea of not looking ahead to anticipate what is going on, not making note of whats coming up behind them, and who is merging beside them. Similarly, basic traffic laws are not something I forgive being ignored easily. I can understand we all make mistakes (heck, I’ve made plenty myself! I am NOT perfect at ALL.), but seriously… some things aren’t mistakes, they’re flat out blowing off the law. Driving is something I love to do, but that I have very little tolerance for stupidity within it. People who forget that the vehicle they are driving can also kill someone need to just hand over the keys and stop driving…
  6. My husband and I are 13 years apart in age… and it works just fine for us. I married my best friend. THAT is what matters the most.
  7. I drove a Ford Taurus for a year or so in high school. Otherwise, I’ve always driven a pick up truck, and I don’t see myself changing that any time soon. I’m a pick-up girl! (Specifically Ford Trucks!!)
  8. When I was about ten years old or so, I told my parents I wanted a red and white pick up truck. When I was in high school, I got a red and white pick up truck.
  9. When I was in elementary school, I said I’d be in the flag corp/colorguard. When I got to high school, I was in the flag corp/colorguard. (LOVED IT! One of the very few things I truly miss about high school days.)
  10. When I was a child, I said I’d go to Texas A&M University. In 2003, I graduated from Texas A&M University.
  11. When I was in second grade, I said I’d been a school teacher…  I’m not a school teacher.
  12. I like to let my hair down and have fun, but I’m also keenly aware at all times of what is going on around me. I don’t like letting my guard down and giving off any appearance of myself that is not accurate. It happens, but it super rare.
  13. I truly believe that sometimes you really do have to hit rock bottom to make an even larger leap in success.
  14. I think the Golden Rule applies in all things, even though it seems to be a lost value today.
  15. My parents own a bookkeeping and income tax business, and while I’m far from a fan of math… I truly enjoy working for them. I wish Nashville was a lot closer to them to work there more regularly, and I am grateful my husband is supportive of my at least going to work for them full-time through tax season.
  16. I still look up to my big brother, and I forever admire him and my sister-in-law’s parenting skills. They’re kids (my niece and nephew) are amazing, and that’s a huge testament to their parenting skills.
  17. My biggest fear in life is letting people down. Specifically myself and my family. However, it applies to everyone. I know I can only do the best I can do, but I still have this horrible fear of letting others down.
  18. Pet peeve: if its something in grammar and writing that you learned in third grade, don’t do it wrong now. Specifically, it is not 15$ its $15. Do it right, people. Seriously.
  19. I’m a total wimp when it comes to pain, and yet I’ve been told I have a high threshold for pain. Yeah, I don’t get that either.
  20. I admire so many people, and I want to be just like them “when I grow up.” Or I want them to like me as much as I like them. However, I also know I can only be me and I refuse to be anything else. So I embrace unique me and hope that is enough for everyone else. Because I refuse to change or compromise my beliefs just to be “popular.”
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Ignoring the clock

February 21st, 2011 2 comments

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous. One of those perfect days. Temperature in the mid-70s. Sun shining. It beckoned for us to come outside and play.

So my husband jumped in the truck with no plan in mind. We ultimately ended up at a sports bar and grill, sitting beside an open window, just enjoying being out. We had a delicious barbecue dinner, and then just sat. Visiting. People watching. We paid no mind to the clock.

We contacted a couple who live close to us to see if they wanted to join us. They did and then we really proceeded to ignore the clock! Laughter. Stories. A few shared pitchers of beer between us all. It was wonderful!

As the evening drew to a close, we finally looked at our watches. My husband and I had been there almost 7 hours by that time! Where had all those hours gone!?

I have to say with certainty… those hours were far from wasted. How often do you just ignore the clock? How often do you not have somewhere else to be? How often do you find yourself in the company of people that you don’t feel the need to go, “Oh gosh, when can I get out of here?”

We left the bar, and I had a smile on my face. It was a very relaxing afternoon and evening. I was thankful for good friends, beautiful weather, my husband, and having a carefree attitude for a day. Monday would come soon enough, and responsibilities would be knocking on the door. But in that moment… I wasn’t worried about them.

I didn’t know I needed that time without borders, but I am sure grateful I had it.