I could easily be called a sunset girl. Being a night owl, I rarely see a sunrise, unless I am on my way home from a particularly late night at work. But sunsets I embrace. The way the sky turns from a brilliant day-time blue to hues of purple, pink, yellows, oranges and sometimes brilliant reds. It beckons the end of a day, and it heralds in a peaceful quiet night.

However, I’ve chanced to see a few sunrises lately for one reason or another. Today was one such day… I stayed up to take first my husband to the airport, then a friend who had a flight an hour or two later. Some would grumble about this, but for me it worked out nicely. I stay up until the early morning hours anyway (consider it a side effect of being married to a musician as well as part-time bartending until the early AM hours), and it afforded me the chance to witness another gorgeous sunrise.

This one:

Sunrise over BNA

There is something so gorgeous about a sunrise. Oh sure, from this photo you could easily say it could be a sunset OR a sunrise. But trust me when I say this was one gorgeous sunrise. It filled me with such a sense of renewal. Such a sense of hope for a good day.

Back in college when I’d see sunrise regularly, I wish I’d taken time to truly appreciate it as I do today. To appreciate the beginning it brings… a new day with new chances to succeed and embrace life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day… I sure plan to.

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  1. What a beautiful sunrise! How could you not fee anything but hopefully and peaceful! I love it! I hope you have some great rest and finish you day on a very high note!! Thanks for sharing!

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