Fall: It’s all about the drinks

Fall leavesWelcome to Fall!

My favorite season… a season of leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, pumpkins, corn mazes, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday… I love Fall!

But you know what is one of my favorite things about Fall? The seasonal drinks.

There is a deep joy that comes from Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s like your favorite blanket. Your favorite pair of fluffy socks. Your favorite book to read over and over again. It’s like the trumpet that plays announcing the arrival of the new season.

Around the same time that the Pumpkin Spice Latte comes back to the world, the seasonal beers return to taps. The Fall seasonals are by far my favorites. Sam Adams Octoberfest has been a long-time favorite. This year, I’ve been introduced to ShockTop Pumpkin Wheat, which just might trump my love of the Octoberfest.

As temperatures cool, I find myself reaching for a late night cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate. Both usually with a pinch of cinnamon. And might or might not stock up on pumpkin spice coffee creamer for a quick at-home fix.

Its no wonder I gain weight in the Fall with all these awesome drinks tempting me! What are your favorite fall drinks??

3 thoughts on “Fall: It’s all about the drinks”

  1. Hot Chocolate has always been a go to for me in the Fall…but I love the seasonal baking! *squee* This is when I flex the fingers and shake out my wrists in preparation for all the baking I look forward to! Just had a Pumpkin Cheesecake delivered to my parents this weekend…have new Halloween treats to try to bake up, savories for James’ work buddies, Thanksgiving with Apples, and Christmas! I love this season!!!

  2. Your idea of pumpkin spice coffee creamer just game me a good idea – a pinch of pumpkin pie spice in my coffee grounds in place of my usual cinnamon. :)

    I looove hot spiced tea. Also, I hope to find some Woodchuck around here this fall. Chris has never had any. :)

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