Go outside and play

Some days, I get up and I have energy to burn. My legs itch to run. I imagine myself doing cartwheels. I want to play or attack cleaning the house.

All too often, life dictates I do something else. Something more mundane. Something… not what I want to do.

Today? I gave in to the want. Indian Summer… the temps hit mid 70s today, and the sun broke through the clouds as I stepped out on my porch. Instantly I wanted to be 10 years old again, running through the field, swinging on a swing, playing a game of baseball.

And I decided… the laundry could wait. The blog could wait. The CD design could wait. The dishes could wait. I was going to play.

I got out my bike, and I rode up and down the drive way. Down was the most fun, where I didn’t even have to pedal, just let the wind whip my hair. I rode down, into the grass, around the garage and had to stand up and push to keep momentum back up onto the concrete. My legs screamed at me. I loved it.

I rode until I was panting and my hair was damp with sweat. Then I came into the house, and kept the forward motion going — cleaning the kitchen, starting the laundry and making spaghetti for supper. My husband commented that I was just a flurry of energy today.

And I was! All because I decided to take an hour out of my day and go outside to play.

Loved. It.

3 thoughts on “Go outside and play”

  1. Love it! My legs totally screamed at me yesterday, too, for jogging at the park, but it was so unbelievably nice outside- it was in the 80s with a breeze. :) I wish I had a bike to go riding around. Going for a ride was one of my favorite things to do as a kid!

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